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>> 10 years. That’s how long rapper Tory lanes will spend behind bars for shooting and injuring hip-hop star Megan Thee Stallion back in 2020. This happened after the pair left the party and shared a right together. According to testimony, the 2 got into a fight and lanes fired several shots at Meghan as she got out of the car. She says she was hit in her feet requiring surgery last December lanes whose legal name is Daystar Peterson was found guilty of 3 firearm related felonies. Divers working on a missing missing persons. Cold case in South Florida made a bizarre discovery roughly 30 submerged cars at the bottom of a lake. Now police got a tip. There may be vehicles connected to that cold case in the lake. So volunteer divers went down to look around. Police believe the cars have been there for decades, likely dumped because of their connection to the crime. >> We just pulled out one vehicle that the Police Department has confirmed that it’s a 2002 vehicle. That was reported stolen that’s most likely what we feel is we’re going to find years going to be abandoned vehicles that are associated with some type of a vehicle theft, perhaps some type possibly fraud. >> dive teams estimate it could take several weeks to retrieve all of the vehicles. the school year has begun for many kids across the country. And in Florida districts are preparing to restructure curriculums that aligned with Governor Ron DeSantis. This latest education policies, one t the c changesesthe re apapovoval of f teachihingataterial frfrom a conservative nonprofit aimed at bringing me conservative ideology into public sools. Scripps news KatiLaGrone reports on how many school districts actutual plan on using it. >> Slavery is this It’s taking place every corner of the world from cartoon suggesting slavery in America wasn’t so in the Expected video offering young girls s pretty on how embrace their femininity. >> Any and a lot of yyour children. >> These are among videos produced by Craiaig. Are you a conservative mediaompany that describes itself as offefering a free alternative to the dominant left-wing ideology culture media and education. Florida’s Education Department recently approved some material branded as Prager U Kids for Usin public classrooms.We’ve discovered just how many school districts plan to make it available to stutudents here. >> We are not encouraging the use of t those materialin Pasco County. The diststrict has do plans to offer Pragueue, are you content? But a teacher wants to use it, we wou probobably have further conversations about what your rationale is, what standards supporting. Are there other resources thatat might be able to be used? >> Across the state we discscovered material from Prague are you is also not being encouraged this ye by dozens of other school districts. In fact, after asking all 67 school districts in Florida, if they y plan to make Prae, are you content available to students this year? >> Just over half responded and all bua few telling us no Miami-Dade decisions on teaching materials for the year are complete with additional resources vote not being contemplated at this time stated a district spokesperson Sat for Broward, Pinellas, Palm Beach and LeLee County schos were its leaders, quote, have not even talkeabout using it. So it’s nonot available. >> One a good haul, some patriotic education n for our children. In a recent interview with our reporting partners, ABC Acon News in Tampa, the company CEO defended the organizaon and its content which also portrays claims of racial profiling by police following George Floyd’s death as a as the false claims of racial targeting spread. So get the anger and violence. Our attention here at Prairie, you is to prevent the gaslighting to get more parents involved to get parents to be aware that there has been indoctrination a one-sided indoctrination in America’s schools. The state’s Prager U Blessing comes just days before most Florida schools reopen. And while that’s likely cause several school districts and even conservative counties to table its use this year, pollution, Sarasota, who both had several school board members endorsed by Governor DeSantis during last year’s school board races are among the only districts who told us their teachers will be permitted to use Prager you to help me Florida’s new civic and government standards. >> That was Katie Lagrone reporting for us. Even though the state of Florida has approved this material, most districts are not letting their teachers use it until district leaders review it first. >> Coming up, the S P getting into the gambling game. The