Eric Bolling The Balance

Perry Johnson’s genius helped save the American automobile industry. Now, it’s our turn. His simple truths will bring America back. I’m Perry Johnson, and I approve this message. 11. Duncan Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. Not much up is well, that was Joe Biden back in 2006 talking about seven Elevens and since we’re on that topic, take a look at this video. This is at 87 11 Joe Stockton, California This thug who clearly didn’t get Biden’s mammo. Can be seen stealing from the shelves and these two employees took matters into their own hands. Roosevelt famously once said, Speak softly and carry a big stick. Looks like thug number one. They’re learned that the hard way. Joining me now is reporter for the Daily Caller and News Mexican trip. I’m sorry I’m laughing because it’s so good to watch Christy Clark and former BLM activist and Prager u personality Xavier Duracell Xavier, Let me start with you because I just love that guy had no idea was about what was about to happen to him. Did he? He did not. And unfortunately, that’s what happens when the systems that are put in place to have authority or no longer allowed to follow out with enforcing the law. But ultimately this is the best case scenario because I’m glad that this man was able to walk away with his life intact because had he tried that in a small town. I’m not sure if that would have been the case, and not only is he able to walk away with his life, but now you already know when he goes home with those sword busted up kneecaps and that sore behind he is going to reflect on the lesson that he just learned, which is You cannot go and steal things that do not belong to you. He messed around and he clearly found out game SC. After around and found out Christy Clark here thought place to be games wins Super prizes. He’s the winner today. Yes I love that phrase. My problem is I hate playing the identity politics game, but it’s an unfortunate reality of this video clip. You know if this were a white person beating up this individual, I don’t think that we would be talking. Not maybe Maybe we would talk about it in the same way. But I don’t think that the media would be talking about it in the same way that large. Unfortunately there seems to be an odd privilege that we can talk about this clip. And it’s so sad. And it’s