Evangelical Focus: Phelps found help in “Purpose Driven Life”

“THE WORLD WOULD BE BETER WITHOUT ME” ESPN reported that Phelps was “struggling to figure out who he was outside the pool” in 2014, which led him to heavy drinking and wondering whether his life was worth living. “I thought the world would just be better off without me”, Phelps admitted. “I figured that was the best thing to do — just end my life.” The 25- time medal winner, who is also set to compete at the Summer games in Rio, said in a separate interview with NBC’s “Today “that his DUI arrest in 2014 led to a “downward spiral” that left him feeling the lowest he had ever been.   FINDING PURPOSE It was the Olympic swimmer’s second DUI arrest in 10 years, which along with his numerous splintered relationships, prompted him to seek outside help.

Phelps found hope in October 2015 when he entered The Meadows, a psychological trauma and addiction treatment centre in Arizona. There, Phelps turned to Warren’s bestseller The “Purpose Driven Life”, which uplifted him so much so that he was nicknamed “Preacher Mike” by fellow patients, since he would often read to them from the book.

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