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you will not pass the exam that day. Sports physicals ensure you can score that touchdown, get that new pr, and bump, set, spike your way into a successful sports season. I’m caden wassmann, reporting for newscenter fairbanks. Moving on to entertainment news… Plenty of people in hollywood are feeling the pinch of the double strike against the studios and streaming services… And those with the means are stepping up to do what they can. David daniel has that and more in today’s hollywood minute. “seth macfarlane the actor, ’cause he’s a neurotic mess.” seth macfarlane is pitching in to help his fellow actors. He’s donated one-million dollars to the entertainment community fund, formerly known as the actors fund, to help striking film and television workers. He’s one of more than 75-hundred donors who’ve kicked in more than six-point-three million dollars since early may. According to a fund press release, it’s currently distributing 400-to-500-thousand dollars a week in response to requests for emergency financial assistance. The sag-aftra strike is in its third week… The writers guild strike is entering its fourth month. “santa’s coming to town!” “santa! Oh my god!” get ready for “elf” in concert! The modern christmas classic is hitting 31 cities across north america — they’ve made a list and checked it twice — where local orchestras will perform john debney’s score as the film is projected on a 40-foot screen. The yuletide cheer begins november 17th in san jose, california — locations and more info at elf-in-concert dot-com. In hollywood, I’m david daniel. And, if it’s your birthday today, you share it with movie producer jack leonard warner of the warner brothers, born in 1892; carroll o’connor; peter o’toole; wes craven; dennis prager; judge lance ito; victoria jackson; apollonia kotero; and mary-louise parker. Still to come… A complete look at weather, including the fairbanks forecast… As the fair and t Good morning and welcome back for our look at local weather and state weather on the Fairbanks Morning news. We’ll begin with current conditions 57 right now. Five mile an hour winds sunrise at 4 55 sets of 10 58 18 hours and four minutes of daylight with little rounding. Hi Today. Eighties averages 70 low tonight 57 averages 51 record high of 88 from 2021 not too long ago record low 34 and 1910 chance of rain up top and convict with a high of 49 Today scattered morning showers and 61 for gnome. For the interior, mostly sunny with areas of smoke over much of the region for Yukons High 77 Fairbanks up to 80 Healy, 76 Delta 79 tokes weather a little bit different with increasing clouds. Maybe some isolated showers or thunderstorms. Still areas of smoke and a high of 79 down in southeast mostly cloudy and 70 for Juno, mostly sunny and 69