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people back to their roots of faith, but not all, says Museum of the Bible CEO Harry Hargrave. You may be going through a very dry spell in your life. A T museum in the Bible. We think the answer lies within the Bible. A recent Gallup polls has the decline in church membership is primarily a function of the increasing number of Americans who express no religious preference, a sentiment possibly intensify during the pandemic. A lot of what we’re talking about. With that frustration at the capital had to do with frustration Born out of people not listening to each other, so to say, we have a lack of religion. Perhaps people are not practicing their faith. Their individuals who are becoming very comfortable with being online s O. Some people have made them made up in their minds that I’m never going to go back to a church building. So Father God, we thank you. We bless you. We are in fellowship Church Pastor, Dr Sakina Dunbar. Rawlings says virtual church services are the new norm and reality. Gallop says in 2020 47% of Americans say they belong to a church, synagogue or mosque down from 50% in 2018 and 70% in 1999, with every crisis also opportunities found that people doing this time a searching. Was some type of comfort some type of calmness, Some type of you are sweet. You are our protective here in Northeast D. C had greater Mount Calvary Holy Church, Bishop Alfred Owens and Co pastor Susie Owens are preparing to welcome back members for the first time since the pandemic started Easter Sunday. This would be a first start. Even for great amount cannot be holy church with a new opportunity to reach those as you mentioned who don’t know the Lord. It was tissue Lewis reporting and when the Gallup first started to measure church membership in 1937, it was that 73% and it remained that way for the next six decades before starting to decline around the turn of the 21st century. And now FOX 13 chief meteorologist Paul Dellegatto with your sky tower radar forecast. There’s a cold walk outside this morning 678 o’clock windy. But today in the sun. Not all that bad. The winds is still a factor. 68 degrees, But I mean in the sun, it feels pretty good. Tonight will be chilly, many of you back in the forties. Then we start warming up tomorrow and by Easter Sunday, we’ll back around 80 71 downtown Tampa cameras pointing to the Southwest, the air mast. Is very dry. The Windsor up pretty high fire danger today with a combination of low humidity and wind here the numbers this morning 43 Brooksville 49, Tampa. St Pete was started. 53 That’s the coldest in Tampa in April since April 16th 2000 and eight That’s a long time. 2009 in Lakeland, and we’ll do similar numbers lateonight, and then tomorrow we’ll start warming up, and that’s that clouds already kind of bumping up on the East Coast, and I think that’s the deal. The next couple of days is the mornings. Will be completely clear and then by mid day will notice. Fair weather clouds taking that trip across the peninsula from east to west, but very nice weather. Dew point stays low, It’ll start turning more humid. Second half of next week. About a week from today will be a chance of showers as a system moves across the deep South. Last 18 hours were 50 at 678. We’ve gone from 50. 71 at five o’clock. 71 Tampa 68 Brooksville 71 Sarasota. It’s chilly up in the Panhandle where tonight we’ll be in the thirties gains all 61 Jacksonville 56. Naples has a 76. The air remains very, very dry. Dew point twenties thirties forties even down in the keys, Dew point there in the fifties. Right now, future cast. Really It’s all about high pressure, which is going to slowly drift to the South and also the models a pretty aggressive. With some cloud cover coming in off the Atlantic the next couple of days. It could be a couple showers on the East coast. But generally speaking, it’ll stay dry until about a week from today when they could be some showers. Developing as it turns warmer, and certainly more human. Right and pleasant tomorrow we’ll do a 75 Great day to be outdoors on Sunday. Less wind high temperatures up near 80, the temperature tracker tomorrow will have high temperatures mid seventies and then on Sunday little bit warmer mid to upper seventies during the day, the Dew point will stay low. They may start creeping up a little little bit, but not much. This is white through Sunday. Dew point in the forties. The near 50, so tonight’s lows will be in the forties to low fifties. Then tomorrow we’re back to sunshine and a cool breeze with high temperatures generally in the mid seventies, and here’s the eight 14 day Temperature