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lorida is the first day in the country to partner with prager u kids as an educational vendor. >> The conservative-leaning education media company ceo says the cotton is not controversial. They say it’s the truth. Chris como spoke with her and others who disagree. The state department of education has a new partnership with prager u kids. That’s an education and entertainment company producing media videos. The state says those videos can be used with district discretion. The company ceo says that she’s combating a world agenda and the company’s already aware of some pushback. When those were trying to make sure that our content does it, make it into schools, they lie about you know, it’s simply disappointing because either they haven’t really watched our content and they’re making up lies. >> Or they have watched our content and there during the troops. >> Prager, u kids, youtube channel features titles, parents like michael chambers field makes sense. Now the top is good. >> I don’t know. Within. But if I do to yet the topics to ownership of your life. Idols tail to the nasa after major course use the finance institution course don’t want to one. >> Other parents like ed ben mallah gauge have a little more pause. I mean, because they’re owned by prayer and then obviously they’re going to have those same sort of leanings. They have the same parent company where the controversy seems to lie with prayer. You kids, parent company prager you they are separate youtube channel claims to promote pro american values and includes videos with titles like make men masculine again and just say merry christmas. We asked the state teachers will have access to this content as part of the deal. Waiting for a response and preview kids is what’s becoming an actual vendor in the state of florida. And that is the piece that they have approved. >> So it’s from the same organization, but it’s not the the educational piece and that turn key lesson plans that we produce our within the preview. Kids department. We asked the state for an interview regarding their partnership with breaker. You kids. Instead they sent us this statement saying the florida department of education review prayer, you kids. >> And determined the material aligns to florida’s revised civics and government standards. We will continue to press them for more details. Some of them may very good, but other ones may not and, you know, same concern that some parents have about the liberal agenda in school is there’s the same concern for the far-right agendas. Chris kilmore fox. 29 news. >> Well, for the first time since 5 palm central high school employees including the principal arrested for failing to report a suspected assault. We’re hearing from the school district superintendent, the employees were all arrested last week accused of knowing about the alleged off-campus assault but not reporting it to law enforcement dcf. Stephanie says sky was first to speak with the superintendent mike burke addressing the fallout. >> We’re committed having a school ready to go they want just appointed interim. For instance, reggie myers is well qualified, you just english greer most recently at park vista high school. So he knows what it takes to run a large, successful high school. So excited about that appointment. I know it’s needed to make sure schools ready to go and that will be lending support from the district offices as needed going have a great year public central regardless and I not allowed comment ongoing investigation. I just say that safety well-being of our students, highest per hour. It’s first working through that. >> School board is expected to officially approve. Reggie myers appointment ad tomorrow school board meeting. It’s not known how long he’ll be in that role. It’s crunch time for families sending students back to school and for a lot of them. Right now, it’s a financial burden. Tomorrow, 600 students on the treasure coast will get a helping hand from the boys. Girls clubs of martin county community volunteers rally today to staff the pacts with pencils markers, composition, notebooks and more to make sure local elementary children in need are set up this school year. >> Here the was goes cause of martin county about 9 out of every 10 of our families qualify for free or reduced lunch. Automatically means that the pardon of buying school supplies is really felt for so many of our families. And this year there was just a gap in martin county. >> A lot of nonprofits have seen donations drop in recent years. The bounty of backpacks filled today air thanks to the generosity of local businesses. Well, thousands of students are getting ready for the start of school. It’s graduation day for one little guy. I he’s finally going home after spending more than 3 months and the level 3 nicu at florida palms west is the hospital’s first micro preemie born april 20th at just one pound, 13 ounces. I’m in coded several times in his first week in required bedside surgery. But after months of kerry graduated from the nicu today and finally headed home. The palms west level 3 nicu just opened in february.