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church. But more than a year after the coronavirus struck, new reports indicate the number of americans who consider themselves a member of any congregation has dropped below 50. He should, lewis reports. For the last year, many of watch turks online due to the corona virus pandemic, and many have not. Yes it’s true that the lack of what you phrases religion eyes, huh? Is difficult right now, but the issues that were we’ve been working with the recent year and really driven many people back to their roots of faith, but not all, says museum of the bible ceo harry hargrave. You may be going to a very dry spell in your life. A t museum of the bible. We think the answer lies within the bible. A recent gallup polls has the decline in church membership is primarily a function of the increasing number of americans who expressed no religious preference, a sentiment possibly intensify during the pandemic. A lot of what we’re talking about. With that frustration at the capital had to do with frustration born out of people not listening to each other, so to say, we have a lack. Religion perhaps people or not practicing their faith, their individuals who are becoming very comfortable with being online s o. Some people have made them made up in their minds that I’m never gonna go back to a church building. So father. God we thank you. We bless you. We are in fellowship church pastor, dr sakina dunbar rawlings. Says virtual george services are the new norm and reality gallop says in 2020 47% of americans say they belong to a church, synagogue or mosque, down from 50% in 2018 and 70% in 1999, with every crisis, there are also opportunities. We found that people doing this time. Searching was some type of comfort some type of calmness. Some type of you are sweet. You are our protectors. Yeah healer in northeast d c and greater mount calvary holy church, bishop alfred owens and co pastor susie owens are preparing to welcome back members for the first time since the pandemic started. Easter sunday. This would be a first start, even for great amount cannot be holy church with a new opportunity to reach those as you mentioned. Who don’t know the lord. And we have this story. How sweet is this? Marvin and betty quinn of virginia are celebrating their 72nd wedding anniversary there now, 96 94 years old, respectively, they say. It’s a blessing to have spent all these decades together their romance truly started when marvin was an engineering school here in chicago, back in 1949 and betty. Explains how they ended up tying the knot. It was. When he had been in chicago for 34 months. And decided to fly in on the weekend. Because we have had a slight argument on the phone and came over and put his arms around me. The nfl comfort. That was the real beginning. When love let itself be known. We were married that weekend. Wow, what a story. The couple says they. Spent a lot of time in chicago before ending up in virginia shortly after their wedding, betty got a job at the pure oil company here in chicago about that top that luke and ellis I can. I can’t. How about a little sports? Because I won’t top that story. Let’s go. The struggling bulls caught a break face in the nets today, nets without kevin durant and james harden will have the highlights and the woman’s nc double a championship between arizona and stanford. Came down to the final shot highlights next in sports.