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Carlisle court, no major delays with this one and lists. Little apparent delay there the westbound lanes will continue to track it. Hopefully things quiet down in the 9 o’clock hour. All right, Ray, thank you. >> Well, Florida is the first state in the country to partner with the educational vendor. Prager, U Kids, Conservative-leaning Educational Media Company CEO says their content is not controversial. He just says it’s the truth. The state says the videos can now be used with district discretion. The company’s CEO says they’re combating a woke agenda that’s being taught in public schools. Well, some parents are open to the idea of using the material. Others are cautious of bias. >> those who are trying to make sure that our content does it, make it into schools. They lie about You know, it’s simply disappointing because either they haven’t really watched our content and they’re making up lies or they have watched our content and they’re ignoring the troops. >> A traverse he seems to lie with Prager you, the parent company, its YouTube channel says it promotes pro American values. It has videos with titles like make men masculine again and just say Merry Christmas. Well, Governor DeSantis has agreed to face off with California Governor Gavin Newsom in a debate and it will be held on the FOX Network. They confirmed yesterday that who have gone back and forth over issues like book bans guns, abortion and other partisan politics. According to FOX News Channel, the California governor >> sent a letter outlining the proposed terms of the debate and that included a date which should be sometime. >> Around November, 8th or 10th DeSantis also asked Vice President Kamala Harris to debate. She’s been critical of some of the new rican American history. >> The vice president has declined the governor’s debate invitation. That’s why Newsom stepped in. DeSantis says Florida is the number one state in the nation for education. He says he’s made record investments in students, teachers and schools. Pope Francis is on a five-day visit to Portugal which began with a meeting with church abuse survivors. >> Francis met with 13 survivors of abuse for more than an hour and he met them at the Vatican Embassy. >> This comes 6 months after Portuguese commission found nearly 5,000 boys and girls were sexually abused by clergy, mostly priests over a period of 7 decades. >> Dozens of suspected human traffickers were arrested in 200 apparent victims were rescued in California. FBI along with the Bay Area County District attorney announced the results of this nationwide human trafficking bust yesterday. Melanie Woodrow has more on the story. >> Operation Cross Country a nationwide effort to combat human trafficking resulted in the identification or arrest of more than 5 dozen suspected human traffickers. And more than 100 individuals accused of child exploitation. 17 individual operations were recently conducted over a two-week period locally agents arrested 9 people, 3 Bay area young victims were recovered and another was identified. Rescuing children has always been a top priority for the operation. >> There are kids they’re living in our communities. They’re living on our streets and they are not for sale. The FBI says the operation successfully rescued a thuman trafficking. >> And located 59 minor victims of trafficking and exploitation Contra Costa’s district attorney says California consistently leads all other states and reports of human trafficking to the national Human Trafficking Resource Center, accounting for 13% of all reports in the last year. This crime is a real problem here in California. >> Victims identified through the operation were offered immediate crisis intervention to begin their journey out of human trafficking when they met with 5 survivors that they they have hacked. >> And there was a voice for them that may not have existed prior. Someone who can speak for them in the future more than anything, talking them through what’s going on trying to kind of build that rapport and relationship with the victims. The Bay Area Operation Cross Country efforts also rescued 17 adult victims of human trafficking. 3 illegally owned guns were