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approved some material branded as Prager U Kids for Use in public Classrooms. We discover just how many school districts plan to make it available to students here. We are not encouraging the use of those materials in Pasco County. The district has do plans to offer Prague, are you content? But if a teacher wants to use it, we will probably have further conversations about what your rationale is. What standards supporting. Are there other resources that might be able to be used across the state? We’ve discovered material from Prague are you is also not being encouraged this year by dozens of other school districts. In fact, after asking all 67 school districts in Florida, if they plan to make Prague, are you content available to students this year? Just over half responded and all but a few telling know. >> Miami-Dade decisions on teaching materials for the year are complete with additional resources vote not being contemplated at this time stated a district spokesperson saying for Broward Pinellas, Palm Beach and Lee County schools were its leaders, quote, have not even talked about using it. So it’s not available. One, a good salsa patriotic education for our children. In a recent interview with our reporting partners, ABC Action News in Tampa, the company CEO defended the organization and its contents which also portrays claims of racial profiling by police following George Floyd’s at >> So get the anger and silence our attention here at Prairie. You is to prevent the gaslighting to get more parents involved to get parents to be aware that there has been indoctrination a one-sided indoctrination in America’s schools. The state’s Prager U Blessing comes just days before most Florida schools reopen. And while that’s likely cause several school districts and even conservative counties to table use this year, pollution, Sarasota, who both had several school board members endorsed by Governor DeSantis during last year’s school board races are among the only districts who told us their teachers will be permitted to use Prager. You to help me. Florida’s new civic and government standards. >> Even though the state has approved this material, most districts tell us they are not letting their teachers use it until district leaders review it first. I’m Katie LaGrone reporting. >> Ahead on FOX 4 news at 6, a price of clean water and a booming population is Cape Coral is looking at spending hundreds of millions of dollars in just the next couple of years and won. The school district is hoping key cards are the way to keep kids safe. >> Highlighting mom and dad know you made it to the bus on time. New technology after the break. >> Fender seem like no big deal. What if I told you the rapid head movement from whiplash can cause brain damage? We know it because we’ve seen if you’re having symptoms like headaches and memory loss, Farah and Farah can help. >> Updating your space if it’s time to donate furniture and home decor, habitat Colliery stores, every donation helps build affordable homes in our community. Call or go online to donate and learn about our pickup service. >> As Floridians, we know the devastation a hurricane can bring your homes affected. We’re here to help frontier as your advocate in the storm’s we would re your insurance claim. we’ve got you to emergency measures to ensure protection from further damage. our skills. Attorneys review your policy and look to maximize your claim. We fight for your compensation. And if there’s no recovery, there’s no call fun to watch to begin restoring your home today. >> Cape Coral home goodbye to your room, Mayo Walker? Anything has you covered? No up front. The you pay. When the job complete. Calm your ticket from Florida Lottery isn’t just take It’s your with over a billion winners in counties across the state. It’s your ticket to fun and excitement. >> It’s also your ticket to support local right in your community billions of dollars contributed to Florida students, we’re taking their ticket to a brighter future. So no matter how you play your ticket goes much further than you think. >> Summer clothes out on Ground pools in stock now choose from many sizes and styles, right tools and and see them on display packages, including heavy duty line tradition system. entrance last on sale now from only 1995. That’s right. 1995 for a complete full Last take advantage of special financing. Summer clothes out on ground this week at Recreation warehouse loading a boulevard, Fort Myers airport in a pulse for the port Charlotte Town Center Mall that spur some beer. >> eyes. I make team. We make