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>>> More testimony in the trial of derek show. A cup foods employee testified. Another witness became emotional on the stand. >>> The humane rescue alliance offering a $5000 reward for information after discovering a wounded dog. The dog had injuries consistent with organized dog fighting. The shelter naming her gilly. She is expected to recover. >>> A new push to speedup how quickly the commonwealth legalizes recreational marijuana. The governor does not want to wait three years. He wanted to go into effect this summer. You would also like to increase educational efforts about the dangers of drug use and make sure police have enough training to recognize the signs of drug driving, which should still be legal. >>> The coronavirus pandemic has changed the life of many people, especially people of faith. As we approach easter sunday, church membership in the united states has fallen below the majority for the first time in history. >> Reporter: a topic we have discussed on the podcast for the past several weeks. The impact a lack of religion is having on society amid the coronavirus pandemic. More than a year after the coronavirus hit, new reports indicate a number of americans that consider themselves a member of any congregation has dropped below 50%. For the last year, many have watched church online due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many have not. >> It’s true that the lack of what you phrase as religion is difficult right now. But the issues we have been working with in recent year have really driven people back to their roots of faith. >> Reporter: but not all. >> You may be going through a dry spell in your life. At the museum of the bible, we think the answer lies within the bible. >> Reporter: a recent gallup poll since the decline in church mentorship is merely a function of the increasing number of americans who express no religious preference. A sentiment possibly intensifying during the pandemic. >> A lot of what we are talking about with that frustration at the capitol had to do with frustration born out of people not listening to each other. To say we have a lack of religion, perhaps, people are not practicing their faith. >> There are individuals becoming very comfortable with being online. Some people is made up in their minds, I’m never going to go back to a church building. >> Father god, we thank you. >> Reporter: this pastor says virtual church services are the and reality. Gallup says in 2020, 40% of americans said they belonged to a church, synagogue, or mosque, down from 50% in 2018 and 70% in 1999. >> There are opportunities. We found that people during this time are searching for some type of comfort, some type of columnists. >> You are our protector. >> Reporter: in northeast d.c., bishop alfred hollins and copastor susie owen’s are expected to welcome back people easter sunday. >> This will be a fresh start, even for our church. A new opportunity to reach those , as you mentioned, who don’t love the lord. >> Reporter: for folks in listen to the good word podcast, you know this is the church I attend. The gallup poll says about 73% of people identify with attending a church when they first measured it back in 1937. That number was at 70% for the next six decades until it began to decline and continues to client today.