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>>> Meanwhile, the coronavirus pandemic has changed life as we know, including how we worship. Church membership has now fallen down for the first time in a century. >> Reporter: more than one year after the coronavirus struck, many americans now say they do not belong to a congregation, and below 50%. A recent poll says the decline in membership is because of the increasing number of americans who express no religious preference. A sentiment possibly intensified during the pandemic. >> You may be going through a dry spell in your life. At the museum of the bible we think the answer lies within the bible and a lot of what we are talking about with her frustration at the capitol building had to do with frustration born out of people not listening to each other. So, to say that we have a lack of religion, perhaps. People are not practicing their faith as much. >>> Some say virtual church services are the new norm and reality. >> There are individuals who are comfortable with being online. Some people have made it up in their minds that they will never return to a church building. >> They say 27% of americans said they belong to a church in 2017 that was down from 50% before. >>> Cox keeps you connected with Cox Internet startingat $29.99 per month. You can enjoy reliablewifi all over your house when you add Panoramic Wifi. Protect your connecteddevices from online threats with Advanced Security. [ ding ] And even pause your wifi tobring everyone together. Get Cox internet startingat $29.99 per month. Ask about addingPanoramic Wifi.