FOX | Book of healing – Bible offers hope, comfort in troubled times like ours

People turn to faith during times of distress. In April, Pew reported that 24% of American adults believe their faith has grown stronger amid the COVID-19 pandemic. A recent Google Trends analysis shows an increase in searches like “the Bible and race,” “Bible quotes about race” and “love thy neighbor.”

It’s worth noting that the Bible is a book of healing: a book that offers hope for reconciliation with God and with each other and provides comfort for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual suffering.

As we have personal, national and global conversations about racial justice, let’s consider Scripture. The Bible teaches – and has for centuries – that all people are equal: made by God and loved by God.

Tragically, people have manipulated Scripture to draw distinctions between themselves and others.

Last year at Museum of the Bible, we featured the exhibit “The Slave Bible: Let the Story Be Told.” Visitors were able to view a copy of the “The Slave Bible” from 1807, which was used to teach enslaved Africans to read – but only contained specific portions of Scripture. For example, the exodus story was removed to discourage slaves from contemplating freedom.

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