FOX Business Network Online | Easter 2020 and coronavirus — Why I’m betting on a very bullish Easter

In the middle of a bear markets and predictions of a deep recession, I am still betting on the most bullish Easter ever.


Because history shows us that the more intense the pressure, the more the church grows. When disruptions and pressure hit businesses, they have to furlough, layoff or even close. But the history of the church shows us that disruptions produce innovations, and pressure actually produces growth. That’s why I believe the church is poised for the biggest Easter on record.

As early as 64 AD, less than 40 years after Jesus’ crucifixion, Emperor Nero declared war on the church, burning Christians at the stake and using them as lanterns for his dinner parties.

The result?

Paul kept planting congregations, and the church grew like never before.

Hundreds of years later, Emperor Diocletian decided to end Christianity with a series of edicts in 303 AD.

The result?

Within a decade, Constantine had adopted the faith and had made it the state religion of the empire.

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