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president can’t be charged with a crime once he resigned from the presidency, he received a blanket pardon from President Gerald Ford. Former President Bill Clinton was also accused of giving false statements to a grand jury while he was in office. But he never faced criminal charges. And in the 18 60’s President Andrew Johnson was impeached by House Republicans upset with reconstruction after the Civil war. But he was never convicted in the Senate and he remained in office. We really. >> In our country have who 40 years not only our example and then on that saw the combination rule, but it’s all that. bothers Former President Trump calls the charges against him politically motivated. He is due in court on Thursday. Ryan Kruger. >> FOX 4 investigates. The 2024 Republican presidential candidates are again trying to figure out how to best handle this situation. >> In the race for the White House, the former president is again labeling self himself a victim of a weaponize justice system. He pretty supporters and kept asserting that then Vice President Mike Pence had the power to overturn the 2020 election results. Trump’s rivals meanwhile, seem split. The 2 sides condemn or commend Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is among those supporting Trump backing his claims of bias and saying forthcoming trial would need a national jury pool. >> A DC jury would indict a ham sandwich and convict a ham sandwich. If it was a Republican ham sandwich, I think Americans need to be able to remove cases out of D C. >> Pence is not talk publically on Trump’s potential guilt. He says that repeatedly told the former president of BP can’t overturn an election and that, quote, sadly, the president was surrounded by a group of crackpot lawyers that kept telling him what he’s itching. Ears wanted to hear. All Meanwhile, security has increased at the Capitol complex in Washington, D.C.. >> Ahead of Trump’s court appearance tomorrow. Capitol police even investigated, quote, a bogus active shooter call today. It led to an that evacuation of a Senate office building and a shelter in place at the Senate Chambers. Now eventually all buildings were given the all-clear. Lawmakers are out of Washington on their August recess and the former president’s legal battles are far from over. One more potential indictment remains in Fulton County, Georgia, Atlanta. >> Where a grand jury has been meeting to hear evidence and determine if the former president should get indicted for temps to overturn Georgia’s 2020 election results. New subpoenas are being issued to witnesses, asked them to identify to testify and that includes former state lawmaker Jen Jordan. She was subpoenaed yesterday December of 2020 Jordan attended a subcommittee meeting at which really Giuliani and other Trump allies presented video and claims of fraud in Georgia. There’s also another witness being called to testify. This independent journalist Jorge die. A jury gives a death sentence to the man convicted of killing 11 people at a Pittsburgh synagogue 5 years ago. The jury gave unanimous decision to sentence Tree of life shooter Robert Bowers to the death penalty. The jury did not follow the defense’s argument Bowers had schizophrenia or delusional beliefs they’re finding is that he knew what he was doing was wrong and that he also the capacity to stop himself. This is the first federal death penalty sentence during the Biden administration. >> Well, Florida is the first state in the country to partner with Prager U Kids as an educational vendor. The conservative-leaning educational media company, CEO says that their content isn’t controversial. They say it is the truth. Chris Kilmore with our Scripps station WPTV in West Palm Beach spoke with the CEO and those who also disagree. >> The State Department of Education has a new partnership with Prager U Kids. That’s an education and entertainment company producing media videos. The state says those videos can be used with district discretion. The company CEO says that she’s combating a woke agenda and the company’s already aware of some pushback. >> When those were trying to make sure that our content does it, make it into schools, they lie about You know, it’s simply disappointing because either they haven’t really watched our content and they’re making up lies or they have watched our content in there during the troops. >> Prager, U Kids, YouTube Channel features titles, parents like Michael Chambers Field makes sense. Now the top is good >> within but it’s how do yet topics out how to ownership of your life idols tail to the NASA after course use the finance institution course