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Billboards showing evangelist Pastor Greg Laurie holding a Bible were removed from popular Southern California malls after numerous complaints.

Laurie, who leads the multi-campus Harvest Christian Fellowship, contracted a real estate company to post the billboards to promote an upcoming SoCal Harvest event at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California.

The billboards were displayed at several locations, including Fashion Island in Orange County and the Irvine Spectrum Center in Irvine.

After receiving complaints — including a “serious threat” — the company asked that the billboards be revised to remove the image of the Bible.

Even after they were revised, however, the company removed the billboards from Fashion Island and the Irvine Spectrum Center altogether.

On “Fox & Friends,” Laurie said he wasn’t trying to hide the fact that he was holding a Bible in the image, but he noted that it did not have a cross, religious symbols or even the word “Bible” on it.

“Why is it all of a sudden offensive to even reference this book?” Laurie said.

He pointed to the countless people who have been impacted by the Bible, not to mention the role in played it the founding of the United States and so many of the nation’s seminal events.

“Instead of being offended by it, maybe more people ought to read it and see what it has to say.”

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