Fox News | Dennis Prager Sues ‘Ideological’ Google for Censoring Conservative YouTube Videos

Syndicated radio host Dennis Prager joined Tucker Carlson Monday night to discuss his lawsuit against YouTube and its parent company, Google.

Prager University, which produces short videos relating to conservatism, filed a lawsuit last October alleging that YouTube is restricting their videos due to their conservative nature.

“They have decided that they will put, in this case, 40 of our 300 videos on the restricted list, meaning it joins pornography and violence,” Prager said, revealing that even a video by lifelong Democrat Alan Dershowitz on the legal founding of Israel was placed in “restricted mode.”

He noted that many of the Prager University videos address the exact same topics as videos created by liberal-leaning content producers, but Google appears ideologically motivated to block only the conservative point of view.

Prager said Google is “transparently ideological,” arguing this lawsuit is critical to ensuring the free flow of information on the internet.

“Google needs to say, ‘The truth is, we are not a conduit for free expression. We are here to, in fact, promote our views that are on the left,'” Prager said. “Either we’ll we a win or we’ll get honesty, and either way it’s a way.”

Watch the interview here.