Fox News | How churches are working to bring good news, positivity amid coronavirus fears

Scrolling through social media can feel overwhelming amid the coronavirus pandemic, but churches, communities and organizations are committed to combat the rising anxiety with positivity and hope.

Nick Hall, the founder of PULSE and Year of the Bible, told Fox News he started a video series called, “The Bible Quarantine,” to offer people some humor, a biblical lesson, and a way “to put feet to our faith.”

“People are scared right now, and the Bible has tons to say to us in moments just like this,” Hall said. “The Bible Quarantine is our effort to encourage people not to waste these days binge-watching Netflix episodes, but rather to let them change us while we find ways to love our neighbor, and be the church.”

Hall, who is releasing a different video each day, spoke about how you “can’t cancel church” in the first episode. He noted that on the early church days people met in their homes and encouraged believers to study God’s word because it “speaks to us and changes us,” especially “people who are vulnerable, who are hurting, who are searching.”

His Minneapolis-based organization is offering its space to local churches to record their Sunday or midweek services and is using their funds set aside for events to help out people.

Branden Harvey, the founder of Good Good Good and host of the “Sounds Good” podcast, is giving away the next edition of their good news-focused paper free to anyone who wants it and especially to hospitals.