Fox News | Judge Jeanine Visits Bible Museum

Judge Jeanine Pirro visited the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C., which will open to the public in November.

The museum tells the history of the Bible’s impact on culture and morals throughout history.

“Western concepts of justice are strongly rooted in the Bible. An eye for an eye,” the judge noted. “But the Bible also conveys according to this a profound story of divine mercy in which God continually forgives.”

In fact, pictures of career criminals who devoted themselves to the Bible while in prison line some of the walls.

On a lighter note, the marble pattern on the floor gets lighter-colored as the visitor walks into the building, “depicting darkness into light just like the Bible,”

A replica of the Liberty Bell, which has a Leviticus verse inscribed on it also sits in the museum.

The museum even shows the Bible’s impact on fashion.

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