Fox News | Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Can Fill the Role Played by Churches

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants his social network to fill the role that churches and social clubs once did in communities.

During a speech at the first Facebook Communities Summit last week, Zuckerberg said membership in all kinds of groups has declined in the last several decades.

“That’s a lot of of people who now need to find a sense of purpose and support somewhere else,” said said, promoting Facebook’s large community-support groups as a substitute.

In fact, bringing people closer together is so important that “we’re going to change Facebook’s whole mission to take this on,” Zuckerberg said.

On “The Story” tonight, Pastor Robert Jeffress said he’s confident that God and the church will be around much longer than Zuckerberg and Facebook.

He said that technology can definitely enhance the ministry of churches, but it will never replace churches.

Martha MacCallum pointed out that 36 percent of millennials say they have no affiliation with any church, according to a Pew poll.

“Mark Zuckerberg might be on to something here,” she suggested.

Jeffress acknowledged that God created human beings so that we have a need for community, and that’s the role that family and church fill.

“That need for human companionship will never be satisfied by curling up with your laptop,” he concluded.

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