“Have one or no children.”

Sounds like state policy in Communist China, right?

Nope! A California sixth-grader recorded these words while taking notes during the teacher’s lesson. Along with foregoing any plans of having a family, the class was told to “eat less or no meat” and “avoid air travel” because — as this teacher is so certain — climate change has caused the extinction of animals, contamination of our food and water, exacerbated wildfires and many other harrowing things.

If Democrat presidential candidates have their way, lessons like this teacher’s will be standard in every classroom in America. The teachers’ unions spend billions electing Democrats and have schemed for decades to implement climate change talking points into curriculums and pressure school boards and administrations on the issue too.

And it’s working.

In San Diego Unified School District, the school board voted to cancel school on September 20 so students can participate in a national climate change protest. The board’s resolution says the Trump administration “undermines the validity of climate change” and points to “emerging legislation like the Green New Deal” as a ray of hope.

San Diego’s school board should be more concerned with educating its students than canceling classes to send little kids to fill a picket line in support of a partisan agenda.

Parents in San Diego say school “leaders” never bothered to consult them about their kids being leveraged for politics. One of those parents, Amy, points out that a 2018 assessment of California student performance shows 43.65% of San Diego Unified School District’s students don’t meet standards in English Language Arts/Literacy and 52.84% don’t meet standards in math.

Sounds to me like San Diego’s kids should be in class! That’s what we pay for as taxpayers, not political activism.

But school district officials controlled by powerful state and national teachers’ unions couldn’t care less about taxpayers, facts, the actual jurisdiction of schools, or parental rights. Instead, greedy for the wealth and power gained by doing the bidding of unions (or too cowardly to stand up to unions), they brazenly merge politics into our schools while destroying the very foundation of America’s educational system.

San Diego Unified wrote it, “encourages all professional educators to support student Global Climate Walkout events provided that educational outcomes are demonstrated (e.g., preparing an essay or video on the experience, documenting planning time).”

Since when are educators who allow students to walk out of classrooms during learning hours considered “professional?” And since when are essays and videos reflecting student protests considered “educational outcomes?” Professional educators seek outcomes (hopefully student mastery) based on the goals and objectives of their subject matter not the passions of kids indoctrinated by activists.

New York City public schools has also announced students will receive excused absences if they attend global youth climate strikes. Actions like these in NYC and San Diego are also used to promote the left’s gun control agenda through March for Our Lives student protests.

Have you noticed these protests only support the leftist agenda, and we’re always told they’re started by kids, but they’re bankrolled by millions?

Simple deductive reasoning reveals that union-controlled school districts are exploiting our kids for their political agenda. What kid wouldn’t skip school to hang out with friends at a big well-funded event that causes worldwide controversy and receives massive media coverage?

It’s easy to see how our educational system has been turned on its head once you understand that labor unions — not professional educators — now run our schools.

Connect the dots with me.

First, the National Education Association changed the definition of the scientific method, swapping facts with theory. NEA removed “empirical evidence derived from valid scientific experimentation…” and replaced it with “scientific theory…methodology…processes…” that “leads towards scientific consensus.”

Second, with judgmental arrogance, they only accept the “consensus” of scientists who advance their hysterical climate change narrative.

Third, the NEA passed Business Item 29 (2019), which empowers them to implement their climate change curriculum into schools across the country while providing online resources for teachers including “union-friendly teaching resources.”

Fourth, they label anyone who dares challenge their hysteria as “climate change deniers.”

Their rationale? “We must embrace the imminent crisis of climate change. Every student must be exposed to the threat their generation faces. They must also be told of the real solutions and how they can make a difference.”

This is how union activist “teachers” get away with using our kids on picket lines and presenting lessons you’d expect to see in Communist China like “have one or no children.”

All of these reasons and more are why thousands of America’s real teachers are pushing back against labor unions. But we need your help. Unions have used our union dues to lavish billions on unscrupulous Democrat politicians for decades. Tragically, most teachers have no idea we’re being exploited, nor do they realize we just won them the right to stop funding unions.