Fox News | Rev. Jeffress Leading ‘March for Eternal Life’ Through Dallas

A day after thousands took to the streets to march for gun control and school safety measures in the “March for Our Lives,” Pastor Robert Jeffress announced he will be leading a “March for Eternal Life” Sunday.

Jeffress, of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, will help lead the march through the streets of the Texas city Sunday evening, marked by a large white cross.

He said he expects thousands of people to join him and proclaim that Jesus Christ is “the ultimate hope for our country.”

Jeffress said the march is intended to coincide with Palm Sunday, which commemorates Christ’s entry into Jerusalem prior to his Passion – which concludes with his Easter resurrection.

Jeffress said he welcomed Saturday’s activism, but that legislation alone only “puts a band-aid on the cancer” afflicting society.

“We need to change people’s behaviors, and that can only happen with a change of heart. We believe only the Gospel of Christ can do that,” Jeffress said.

He said that, for 70 years, representations of Christ have been ripped from society as prayer is no longer allowed in schools and the like.

Jeffress said it is false that “we can be good without God.”

He added that President Donald Trump is the “most faith-friendly president we’ve ever had,” adding that he tops devout leaders like George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan.

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