Fox News | Rev. Jeffress on Dem Rep’s Border Rant: ‘Bible Says Even Heaven Is Gonna Have a Wall Around It’

Pastor Robert Jeffress hit back at Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez after the Illinois congressman invoked Jesus Christ during a rant about the proposed border wall.

Gutierrez admonished Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen during a hearing Thursday on Capitol Hill, saying that it’s “repugnant” to try to build a border wall with Mexico “at a time in which we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.”

Rev. Jeffress, a Fox News contributor, said Saturday on “Fox & Friends” that “God is not against walls” and that Gutierrez’s comments were “ludicrous for so many reasons.”

“Jesus was saying God has given government unique authority and responsibility, and that chief responsibility is to protect citizens from evil-doers,” he said.

During Gutierrez’s impassioned speech Thursday, he thanked God “there wasn’t an administration like this.”

“Thank God there wasn’t a wall that stopped [Jesus Christ] from seeking refuge in Egypt,” he said.

Jeffress, who preached the sermon before Trump’s inauguration, added Saturday that he told the president “God is not against walls.”

“Walls are not un-Christian,” he said he told Trump. “The Bible says even heaven is gonna have a wall around it. Not everyone’s going to be allowed in.”

Jeffress said that some politicians confuse the role of government with the role of the church.

“When President Trump is insisting on a wall, he is fulfilling not only his constitutional, but his God-given responsibility and he should not be demonized for doing that.”

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