Fox News | Thousands seek revival at ‘Heaven Come’ conference in Los Angeles: ‘God wants to do it again’

LOS ANGELES — The theme was spiritual revival, “on earth as it is in heaven.”

Thousands of people packed the Microsoft Theater here this past weekend for the “Heaven Come” conference, telling Fox News they drew closer to God and had a personal revelation.

J. Caleb Perkins, 27, an attendee from New York City, told Fox News he had a “refreshing God encounter” that helped solidify his identity and calling from Christ.

Bethel Music’s “Heaven Come” conference kicked off Thursday night at the Microsoft Theater in downtown Los Angeles.(Courtesy: Mary Caroline Russell and Jordana Griffith)

“I feel like it helped me rest, drop my fears, and cease from striving,” Perkins said. “Last, but not least, it encouraged my heart by showing me the power of the church at this moment in history.”

The Christian worship conference, which ran from Thursday to Saturday, featured speakers like Steven Furtick, the pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, N.C., who encouraged everyone on the second day to be rooted in Jesus and find their belonging in Him.

Christine Caine, the founder of A21, a global anti-trafficking organization, and Propel, a women’s organization dedicated to helping women realize their purpose, passion and potential, challenged the crowd Saturday to have a faith that amazes God.

“The issue is not a political issue…the issue worldwide is a faith issue,” Caine said. “We have too many unbelieving believers…it’s not what’s happening out there, it’s what’s happening in us.”

What sets “Heaven Come” apart from other Christian conferences is partly its spontaneous worship style. They set aside a significant amount of time for worship, in which the leaders might change up the way they sing the songs or come up with lyrics on the spot, depending on the crowd’s reaction and their perception of what God is doing.

Another aspect is when a speaker or one of Bethel’s students from the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry gives a prophetic word to an individual. Many attendees say they experienced this in the form of prayer and a few given from the platform. Bethel Music posted one example on its Facebook page, in which the Nixon family received a word.

Bethel Church Lead Senior Pastor Bill Johnson opened the conference with a cry for revival, especially given that the City of Angels was the location for two past revivals – the Azuza Street Revival in the early 1990s and the late Rev. Billy Graham who launched his global ministry at the Big Tent Revival nearly 70 years ago.

“I really believe God wants to do it again,” Johnson told Fox News, “and so Heaven Come is the perfect title, too, because that’s what Jesus taught us to pray: ‘On Earth as it is in heaven.’ It was a prayer that would invite the reality of His world to influence this world.”

Destiny Albritton, 26, from Columbia, Mo., said she felt powerful and peaceful at the end of the conference.

Bethel Church Senior Lead Pastor Bill Johnson addressing the “Heaven Come” conference on the opening night in Los Angeles. (Courtesy: Mary Caroline Russell and Jordana Griffith)

“I can look to the future and experience the present with joy because I know God is good and in control,” she said.

Bethel Music co-founders Brian and Jenn Johnson, who closed out the conference Saturday night, mentioned that every Bible verse they were speaking about was mentioned in the other speaker’s talks.

“It confirmed that what God spoke to me, He wanted to speak to you,” Johnson told the crowd. “We are made to highlight and reflect the glory of God.”

The second stop for the “Heaven Come” conference takes place August 29-31 at the Verizon Theatre in Dallas, Texas, with speakers like Pastor Jentezen Franklin, the senior pastor of Free Chapel and evangelical advisor to President Trump and John Bevere, founder of Messenger International. Both are outspoken pastors who don’t shy away from hitting on current issues.

The team has already announced “Heaven Come” 2020 at the Microsoft Theater for the fourth time May 21-23.

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