Fox News: What ‘Captain America’ tells us about God

Marvel’s release of Captain America: Civil War is the most recent superhero movie to blow up the box office. Rotten tomatoes gave it a 90 percent rating, and it had the fifth highest domestic opening in history at $181.8 million.

That got me thinking about how much we not only love but also need superheroes in our lives. They use their superhuman powers to protect the innocent or vulnerable people of our society, and we love that ideal. We can’t get enough of it. We long to have a relationship with a powerful being that is able to save the helpless people in the world.

Hollywood is no different. Just look at all the superheroes that have shown up on the big screen recently: Superman, Thor, the Hulk, Batman, Wonder Woman, Ironman, Spiderman—and on and on.

As kids growing up in Long Island NY, my brothers Mark, Don, and I used to take turns being Superman, Spider-Man, or Gigantor (a big flying robot that was really strong). Like all kids, we were automatically attracted to them. It’s like our need for a superhero was hardwired into us.

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