Fox News@Night With Trace Gallagher

Goli, Taste Your Goals. Goli, Taste Your Goals. >> Tonight’s real news round up new york chief medical examiner has ruled the death of landrieu de niro accidental drug overdose. Meantime southern california is now the first region in the country to require some food manufacturers to replace gas ovens with electric ones to comply with federal mandates. Some critics say it will drive business out of state. Comedian podcast host bill maher writes about the barbie movie. Mark continued to explain zombie lie is something people repeat even though it’s untrue. California governor gavin newsom taking aim a prager u kids, claiming it teaches that slavery is no big deal. Our next guest claims it’s a lie. Lets bring in jill and corey. Thank you for coming on. I want to play a clip of this. It’s 15 seconds and catches what we are talking about. >> Being taken as a slave is better than being killed, no? I don’t see the problem. >> Well, in our time we view slavery as being evil and terrible. >> Oh, that’s wonderful. I’m glad humanity has reached such a time. >> But gavin newsom writes the following in a tweet or x. Did not teach slavery is no big deal but there they go. >> This is an example of what happens over and over and over again. You know it’s interesting because what governor newsom tweeted or communicated on x I should say is an out right lie. >> Right. >> Anyone who goes to a web site prager u kids will see it’s not included, it’s not the message of the video. If you watch the video if gavin newsom watched the video you would see columbus told the kids I’m glad you deem slavery as evil because in my time that’s not what it was seen as. >> The video is 12 minutes and 30 seconds. The whole thing here corey is it’s kinds of the pattern, right? It’s like don’t say gay bill as they go after it. They don’t read the bill. You just make something up and hope people believe. >> Right. Gavin newsom can’t be that stupid. If he is he should watch more prager u videos for education. The left throwing at the wall see what would stick. His tweet or x his post took everything out of context, didn’t include the video saying slavery was evil. He doesn’t like desantis so is doing everything he can just like the left does with everything else. >> President biden tweeted the poli- , quoting. >> It is shows there’s about 800 or a lot the number of for teacher raises is like 8 percent and the question is where is the money going and that’s the question to you corey. >> Right. I mean where’s all the money going, joe? It’s not going toward the classroom because we live in a society where you’re assigned to a government school monopoly that has no incentive to spend additional dollars wisely. The administrators had grown 88