Fox News@Night With Trace Gallagher

has work to do to slow the economy. >> I like to stay optimistic because we had this discussion about talking ourselves into recession. >> This is just an economy that can’t be tamped down. >> The consumer price index showed 6.4 percent year over year increase from january confirming inflation causing financial problems for americans but leading conservative media watchdog study shows networks are shielding president biden from blame for high inflation. For the record it looked at news coverage from may 2022 to january 2023. Let’s bring media president brett. By and large americans say the economy is awful but president biden seems to gets a pass on inflation. Now we know why. What did you find? >> Well, here are the numbers and they’re going to tell the story about a news media that don’t want to pin blame on the donkey when it comes to looking at the economy the economic numbers under joe biden. In the last nine months there have been 542 minutes devoted to the number one issue that americans believe in today which is inflation, that 542 minutes is on average one hour a month by the three network’s combined but it gets better. Just in the pal friday coverage of one hour a month of networks 84 percent of the time that they have spent on inflation they’ve made no reference whatsoever to joe biden or the biden administration policies. It gets even better than that. Of the remaining minutes in the 16 percent over half of it actually half of them praised joe biden for his efforts to end inflation. Bottom line, trairks nine months of coverage of joe biden’s policies and inflation from the three networks only 16 minutes and 15 seconds devoted to any criticism of joe biden or his administration for the policies that brought on this raging inflation. >> I’m a little low on time but did they give any excuses? Do you call these media outlets on it? Did they give you any kind of reasoning for this? >> They’re beyond shameless. This is happening on issue after issue after issue, they give this man on a pass on everything and have done it since the moment he arrived on scene. >> Brent thank you. Great information. >> Thanks trace. >> First up in tons real news roundup los angeles city officials announcing a new initiative to provide trauma training to community intervention workers part of the city’s effort to create a so-called unarmed alternative to policing, program project turn will offer 100 intervention work weathers yoga meditation and healing circles, to in theory reduce the need for officers to engage in homeless neighborhoods. The program will run the city of L.A. about $the tonight 2 million amount report shows which companies have the highest risk of going woke based on how they priorities ideology profit margins including amazon alphabet bank of america McDONALD’S and gofundme. Amongers to 1792 exchange. The president joined fox and friends over the weekend to explain the principle that the companies follow. >> Esg is a set of principles that are ill defined which is really the answer, environmental, social and governing principles that ago advices can use to fill and weaponize corporations. >> More than 3,000 household ness cook county including chicago are getting $500 monthly checks as part of the nation’s largest tested universal base I can income, the pilot program funded by covid pandemic relief money as part of the american rescue plan in addition to the city of chicago sending $500 monthly for a year to 5,000 windy city residents also using federal pandemic money. Produce of the move I rust say it’s set to resume this spring despite charges of involuntary salvation army in the death ofhelena hunch instance. A review from prominent organization says mask mandates don’t work. Why are they still all the rage