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of doing a lot talked about, fill some of that PPE changese schools, The govern that they’ve set aside billion to do that a matter of actually doing that. All right, Phil. Thank you for your perspe We’ve talked about the emotional inion costs of remote learni, but there’s only comfortable economic Cost as well. Check this ou to two studies reported by over the weekend, thest could be between and 28. Tr in the long run, The longer Children are o of classrooms, the higher that number will climb students kindergarten through fifth gradmissed out on 20%f the reading skills. 33% of the mass skills have learned in regular class. The problem is even wor in minority communities athis was essentially talking about is Long because of this learning loss when theses have to go out into theorkforce, and hi learning during critical windows of developmen that may nevere recuperating the issue andnot. I suspectre economic analysis. Taking into accountassive uptick in overdo, suicides, depressi, things are getting terrible from perspective, and you saw hints of it and the parents they were in Review during Phil’sece, There’s ahf distress out there, it. I it extraordinary rate and some of the discussion is are we gonna havehool days? Are we gonna have school? Are we going to start? All of those, apparently on the table going forward now. School, just one issuemilies are struggling with duringmic, some justng to find a way to feed their kidst a roof over their headsat was the point of editorial by the fom Center. Past you, Matthew says. Families have time to foal drama that you on TVneed real solutions pasture Matthew joins us livePastor. Ah welcome Good to have you thank you forhat you do for people read your op Ed. Ift of bottom lineour audience, there’s a difference between you know, media taking pot at each other every single day and then getting to thues of really what’snk three 100 days here a the Dream Center of housing hu people every single day, feeding nearlylion people through our drive throughcan’t just level you get to see the families the. Come in and get food in Look one way and then, a year later, the cars look at, more run down, the counte begins to dropthe hoping the expectations begin to just just fa. Time goes on. And s I just thought to . Somebody the answers society’s problems happening in the trenches ocommunities, and we just need to get busy solving. Problems that lecide everything, because when you get to the core when you’re in it every day years in your Los and housing all these people that liv I have never seen a need this in my entire life. It’s a ond any dramati speech in Washington is right thereorstep and levels never s. An. Aside fro ideological wrangling and all the drama on News, media’s and . What is that core ? What is that? We need to be doing itm a pragmatic perspectiveat could actually help humans what’s happening? There’s a crisis of that’s going on right now and not just a crisisf food that need I me lost hopehink our politicians in the mist of saings you can’t do. We needstart talking. Can’t action Getting back into school? The Children used to drive byghborhood and they come throu line. They’re like we’re starting school next month, and they were so Excited and then they would say We’re starting schooland now they go by the line come back, and it’scary when you get to to where we’re not getting to the solutions problems and event times taking risk for the Children out helped I gng conditions. I clots in my lungs. I pulmonary embolism, but I’ve been out there 3 days every si day because I believe sacrificing for the Chilrtant, and I know that everyone’s goi to some extent. I think at some point to get out there and say it’s worth fighting for our ChildrenIt’s worth fighting for our community worth fighting for othe makes America great thers, so I think there needs to be of great sacrifice. And all of us that says it be a little bit difficult might belittle challenging, but weeed to get ourselves out of the season into the streets and make a difference. Because now kids are driving by. A there’s just a crisis. They don’t even believe. Good’s gonna happen. The future now real basic point we’ve got One of the candidates for governor coming up. He’s listening to this right now. have a lot of policymakerstch this show every night’s your main message to them? o see different vision. We need