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– [Narrator] Water is one magical life force. It helps plants grow and humans thrive. It’s so vital, most of our bodies are made of it. Yet a lot of us walk around dehydrated, which leaves us dizzy and drained. So how do we fix it? Skip the sugary drinks! Add one more glass of water a day… One extra gulp of h2o every chance we get. Drinking water… It’s one refreshing way to build healthier habits. Discover the powerof one healthy habit. Visit,a program of tset. Following segment is sponsored by the national cal and western heritage museum. The obama started park state department of education implementing new initiatives. This school year. >>fox 25 jameson keith over sat down with state superintendent ryan walters. About the plan to boost reading scores and what else is office has in. The works for oklahoma education >>oklahoma state superintendent ryan walters has received at national criticism for some of his comments. On teachers unions, some school districts and even individual teachers. But ask his office prepares for the 20,232,024 school year. He says that he has plans to help teachers with professional development, reading initiatives. And soon a new teaching standards across the state. It’s walters 1st fall semester and new school year as the state’s top education official. With that, he is launching an initiative to address oklahoma’s low reading scores in 2022. The national average for student reading scores dropped oklahoma. State average dropped even lower. >>48 in the country in 4th grade reading. >>his plan focuses around the science of reading or research showing the most effective strategies. For helping students with reading and comprehension, he calls it a grow. Your own method of teachers helping teachers with best practices. >>this isn’t a 1 time. Here’s the training. This is a continuous model. We’ve seen this in states like mississippi, which had the biggest reading gains. In the country and so what we’re doing is implementing that strategy statewide. So that we can get our students back on track with reading. Especially in those early grades. >>mississippi went from being ranked 2nd worst in the nation for reading to jumping up. 28 spots after implementing the science of reading model. Other states also similar progress with the method walters is also looking to other states. For professional development and curriculum. >>we are actively looking to see, how do we bolster our us? History and civics. >>walter sat right now. There’s a standard steam and also a textbook committee in place to gather. Information on possible vendors like hillsdale college and prager u.. >>i have had conversations with prager. You to be able to do that I work very closely with the dissenters administration. On what they’re doing. An education. Also, arkansas answer huckabee sanders team as well. So the 3 of us have had a lot of conversations. Are how do we bolster our history to make sure the kids are getting that great american history? Uh, you know, in their classes, >>prager u. Is a new controversial educational vendor for florida schools. That provides videos of materials on us history. The company has received criticism for downplaying the effects of slavery. >>are you fox >>so good question. So what we continue to do is about the way up, I’m a fan of. Providing a lot of materials, prager? You provide hundreds of online videos geared toward children on social issues. Us history and religion, another possible vendor walter mentions, is hillsdale college. Who’s also been criticized for the betrayal of slaves and native americans? >>look at all to bring. And then let’s talk to him. Let’s see if it actually lines up with what we need to be. Teaching her classes. >>new state standards for history will be up for consideration next year. In our interview, walters also addressed some of the turmoil we’ve seen at rallies. He’s attended and at state department of education meetings, he says. Soon there could be some big changes coming for those monthly meetings. Our full interview is now up on okc for fox. 25 I’m jameson keith over I think james >>jameson after a couple rounds now of showers and storms during the. >>overnight. >>hours we’ve seen some healthy amounts from the northwest part of the state. All the way to the east central side of the state coming up. We get another chance for some storms overnight tonight. What you know. But the differences bet