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>>> Never again will I live in failure, and never again will failure live in me. How do you know that? He who called you is faithful to do it, because philippians 1:6. He will finish the work he has started. Because of 6:9, do not grow weary of doing what is right in your appointed time you will reap the harvest of blessings if you do not give up. >> That is a big way to kick off “faith friday” here at abc. That was a clip of pastor samuel rodriguez of new season church sharing his sermon on a new app called faithful. He is one of 50 plus faith leaders featured on that app and the california reverend joins us now to tell people how they’re keeping people connected to faith and their church. I want to hear about the church. >> Thank you for having me. I have to get off the coffee. Too much coffee there. Amy, this app is amazing. It truly is. It’s an answered prayer for the troubled times. It’s the premier app for millennial christians but a great resource for all faiths, generations. Talking about some of the most influential voices in one space. Content that inspires, informs, and it speaks to the heart, the head and the hand, and not just any content, but content for these troubled times. Filled with love, truth, grace, hope and faith. You can customize it. Like a daily vitamin supplement regimen with green tea of course. Again, it’s an amazing app. >> You have been very busy during the pandemic and you’ve been through quite a bit. You wrote a book this past fall called “from survive to thrive live a holy, healed, happy, healthy, hungry and honoring life,” and the inspiration behind the story is amazing. Tell us about it. >> I almost lost my daughter, first week of july 2020, my eldest daughter was giving me my first granddaughter and her white blood cell was suppressed and covid hit our family. I was asymptomatic. My son was asymptomatic. My daughter ended up on a ventilator in icu, things were going from worst to worst. I couldn’t even pray. I couldn’t get a prayer together. I cried out to god, I have no idea what to do next but you do. In 24 hours, the script flipped and she experienced a break through. Not everyone experienced it around our nation, I know that, but I have great empathy, but I do believe god has great plans at the end of the day for each and every one of us. >> We’re certainly happy that she’s okay as is the rest of your family but the empathy for those that didn’t have the same outcome is palable. >> You’re the president of the national hispanic christian leadership conference, the world’s largest conference, over 42,000 U.S. churches. You’ve advised former presidents, you’ve advised congress on immigration reforms. What do you think needs to happen next in the next administration? What are the issues facing hispanic people in this country? >> Coming out of covid-19 is economic relief but also immigration reform. Immigrants in america are a great blessing, not a burden. We want people to come here legally, of course, but what a blessing immigrants are indeed. And please address the dreamers now, why should the young men and women pay any consequence for the decisions their parents made, right. We can at least all agree that the dreamers should become legal as expeditiously as possible. We can do it in the first six months of this administration. >> Pastor sam, we always ask our faith leaders on these fridays to lead us into the weekend with words of wisdom, hopes and inspiration. We’re hoping you can do it for us now. >> Faith is trust in god when life makes no sense. We’re here today not because we perfectly held onto god but because god perfectly held onto us. I andwant to remind you that the most powerful moment alive today is not covid-19, social unrest, fear and hopelessness, the most powerful moment alive today is still the spirit of almighty god. >> That’s beautifully put and exactly what we needed to hear on this friday. Thank you so much. We are so happy that everyone is healthy in your home and we really appreciate you bringing us this inspiration. Now it’s for everyone to access. The faithful app is available now in the app store and google play. Have a wonderful weekend, pastor sam. >> Thank you.