God TV | Matthew West Brings Museum Of The Bible To Our Homes By Hosting ‘Healing’ Concert

Christian music artist Matthew West brings the Museum of the Bible to our homes by hosting a ‘healing’ concert.

A two-part concert series titled “The Truth I’m Standing On” that is hosted by Matthew West will be bringing the Museum of the Bible to our homes. In partnership with the Museum of the Bible and Trinity Broadcasting Network, it aims to promote healing during this hard time.

The first part of the concert series that featured well-known Christian music artists was streamed online on July 31. West shared about biblical history and several artifacts housed in the museum throughout the event. The second airing will premiere on August 7.

“Really what’s most incredible about it is what the building stands for. It’s literally the theme of this show, ‘The Truth I’m Standing On,’” Matthew said in an interview. “The truth of God’s Word throughout history that has stood the test of time. In times like these many people are searching because their foundation beneath their feet has crumbled. As a follower of Christ, we know that the storms can come, the pandemics can come, but our foundation, when it’s placed on the solid rock of God’s love and the promises of His Word, we know that foundation will not fail us.”