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health checkups, even visit a petting zoo because I had some awesome stuff. You never know you’re going to do. Justin Turner is here to support some things that you know some people probably take for granted. But you know, it’s very important to make sure our young kids have everything they need to be successful in school burner. Turner and Kershaw have supported the Dream Center for years. It’s a nine acre campus in Hollywood that offers free housing and recovery to more than 600 residents and delivers food to 41 different sites. Every week. The food bank bears the name of Turner and his wife, Courtney Kershaw’s built a playground that bears their name . Pastor Matthew Barnett founded the Dream Center 28 years ago. What do you think, is the sort of big lesson that can be learned from from today? You know, I think we cannot serve pain. We cannot serve the burden of the world have been volunteering here for years. Nice. I’m grateful to do so again on this day with my friend and Fox news correspondent Matt Finn is in the pudding for the Dream Center. It’s events like this where you see thousands of families lining up families that have probably hurting financially right now. Gratitude here is palpable, excited to get it back Pack. That’s a yes in Hollywood. Alex Michaelson, Fox 11 News. That’ll be the quote for me. You can outsource Irv pain. Yes Incredible Quote for me is that silent? Quote from the little growth, Enthusiastic head, not ponytail, moving the right back. It’s Yeah! Yeah? When you say… Yeah? Yeah To saving 20 to 60 percentoff department store prices every day…you’re saying Yeah! To savings that make your dollar stretch…at Ross. Yes for less Yeah! Yeah? Yeah! Yeah! When you say… Yeah! to saving 20 to 60 percent off department store pricesevery day… …you’re saying… Yeah! …to savings that make your dollarstretch… at Ross. Yes for less. Another. Weekend in Southern California. You all sorts of crowds to the beach. Some were lucky enough to see this so cool fins hamming it up. Offer Dondo Beach from Sky Fox. You can see all sorts of people loads of people there on this hand in Venice. Enjoying some of the cooler coastal temperatures dodging the heat that drove temps up into the hundreds in the valleys. It was the place to be over the weekend. Oh this is so wild to me are unique home is up for sale in Indiana. Okay? It is actually High school gymnasium. And Wilkinson,