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nonprofit started by Clayton and his wife, Ellen. How does this even compare? Maybe to some of the baseball you do in terms of how fulfilling this is baseball , And with that platform, we’re able to do a lot of different things through Kershaw’s challenge, and that’s been our heartbeat. From the beginning. The kid’s faces light up when they receive a brand new backpack filled with supplies. It’s unmatched. They got a lot more than backpacks here. The kids can ride a Ferris wheel water slide, play various games , get health checkups even visit a petting zoo because I had some awesome stuff. You never know what you’re gonna do. Third baseman Justin Turner is here to support some things that you know some people probably take for granted, but you know, it’s very important to make sure our young kids have everything they need to be successful in school, Turner Turner and Kershaw have supported the Dream Center for years. It’s a nine acre campus in Hollywood that offers free housing and recovery to more than 600 residents and delivers food to 41 different sites. Every week. The food bank bears the name of Turner and his wife, Courtney Kershaw’s built a playground that bears their name . Pastor Matthew Barnett founded the Dream Center 28 years ago. What do you think, is the sort of big lesson that can be learned from from today? You know, I think we can now serve pain. We cannot serve the burden of the world volunteering here for years. Nice. I’m grateful to do so again on this day with my friend and Fox news correspondent Matt Finn. Proof is in the pudding for the Dream Center. It’s events like this where you see 1000 families lining up families probably hurting financially right now. Gratitude here is palpable, excited to get a backpack. That’s a yes in Hollywood. Alex Michaelson, Fox 11 news. Alright 5 47 Right now It’s good. They do that. You know great for the kids. Obviously back to school shopping is upon us, right? Samara Did you do all your back to school shopping for junior Did they haven’t there late because their kids are already back in school. And then there’s that. Yes Yes, We did some back to school shopping this weekend . Sandra Um so, yeah. Getting on top of that. Hey we are also watching our weather conditions . Getting on top of this for you. Tempter is another round of those hot numbers and we’re going to be hovering. Kind of above average all the way through the rest of the week. Lots of sunshine on the way already right now, conditions especially in the inland empire pretty warm, warmer than normal and temperature highs, especially out towards those inland valleys. We’re looking at another round of triple digit heat is possible if you’re heading out to Anaheim yesterday , with a high of 98 degrees being an old record of 97 that was sent back in 2018. Another hot round there. Meanwhile our communities if you’re heading there, or if you live there another reminder. Please be extra cautious. We’re looking at another A round of active thunderstorms. It could be rolling through later this afternoon, courtesy of the monsoon flow desert triple digits in some high level clouds and even Palm Springs could get another chance of precipitation. We also have you covered continues until further notice for the carpool and reports of traffic on the westbound side. The 91 right there at Pioneer Boulevard. You can see the backup speeds down about six miles an hour, and this involved a crash with multiple vehicles earlier this morning, we’ll continue to continue to keep Keep tabs on that incident for you. Meanwhile nice drive both directions of five looks really good on this Monday morning. Tony Sandra. Alright Samantha. Thanks so much 5, 49 isolation and loneliness. They increase the risk of older people’s heart attack or stroke, especially Among men. Great. The American Heart Association finds Heart attack and stroke risk jumps by 30% among the isolated and lonely heart association adds. It’s a big risk considering nearly 25% of US adults ages 65 older are socially isolated and as many as 47% maybe lonely another problem. Doctors say there’s Little in the way of interventions that could improve heart health among People who are in fact isolated and lonely . That’s a depressing story. Don’t worry. You’re not isolated and lonely, Tony I’m sorry Have we have we just met? Alright Well, you’re also not this. You’re not a vegan, right? Because you’re on your way to just like that guy. New research suggests vegans may be able to counteract lower bone mineral density and increased fracture risk by doing weightlifting or strength training. The new Austrian study from the Medical University of Vienna looked at some 45 men and women who have