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actually undermining our free republic. So I decided to leave the classroom and start a nonprofit called for kids and country. You can find a set for kids and country dot or g’kar, and our goal is to help educate folks on what these Yoon their so called teachers unions there. Neither teachers nor unions. They are corrupt and they have Come in, and they are. They’re just damaging everyone using teachers to fund a very radical agenda. And so we help people to learn that and we also help folks to come back together again to stand together because the unions use divide and conquer. So we’re coming back together and fighting for the kids. And for our country. Yeah, definitely seemed like the kids were being pawns in this game that the unions were using What the politicians I understand On May 2nd documents were released, revealing a treasure trove. Of information. Tell me about that one. I suppose you’re talking about the New York Post article about the teachers unions. It was discovered through a Freedom of Information Act request that they’re making backroom deals with the CDC eyes that what you’re referring to? Yes, that’s it. Okay So you know, I wasn’t surprised at all. I thought this was very predictable because the CDC is also run. My government unions and these government unions constantly collude together and they are continually working to undermine Americans to undermine our Children, So it wasn’t any surprise to me at all that the teachers unions would be telling the CDC what to do, and one other thing. You know the teachers unions, the N E. A actually rewrote the scientific method. Okay This is a labor union. What? Why in the world would they needed. You know, give us any opinions on science at all. But what they did the scientific method was they swapped out empirical evidence, including the repeated steps of the scientific process, and they switched that with scientific. Theory and consensus, and then the on Lee. A consensus they accept is of those those of the radical leftist who agree with the unions. And then they are silencing and mocking on honest scientists and great scientists and dedicated physicians who have treatments for covert that have worked for decades and they’re blocking the use of their They were blocking the use of those treatments that’s immoral. Yeah, definitely. So I mean, it’s interesting. The money exchange going on into different politicians, funds elections funds. I mean, when you tracked the money, you can really see what’s going on. You said that you want the kids back in the classroom without the union’s Tell me how you’re going about getting that done. Well, it’s pretty hard right now, because all of our public schools are unfortunately controlled by government unions, except for a very few that have managed to not be controlled by them. There are several ways we can do it. Number one Thank God parents are awakening the one blessing of this cove it his parents are starting to see what’s really going on in our corrupt schools, and I want to make it really clear. It’s not all the teachers there’s some great teachers who are devastated, who can’t do a good job right now or who are being undermined if they do a good. It’s the union’s Union Junior two are corrupting the whole system and their special interest groups. So we’re working in many ways, we actually have something going on the ballot for 2022. It’s a school choice initiative here in California Hope folks will look into that school choice. 2020 were hoping we could get more kids and charter schools. Ah, whole lot more kids in home School of parents can home school. I recommend that highly. There’s lots of great private schools out there and, you know it’s my hope. That we can work together as a country and remove these unions from our schools. That would be the easiest thing to do. Take the corruption out. Parents and teachers and communities are supposed to be running. Our school’s not government. Labor unions, not government, so that would just be the easiest thing to do. Four kids and country the founder Rebecca Friedrichs, folks, I encourage you to look this up, get educated, literally. I feel like we’re just starting this conversation. Rebecca so hopefully we’ll get to talk to you again soon about the next step in this process really appreciate your time tonight. Thank you so much. Thank you. So as we know it’s been a challenging year to say the least for high school sports, and now there are more modifications that will impact youth athletes and coaches. California state CF will not be allowing track and field in the regional championships because of covert 19. Emphasized Theresa Sardinha joins us live from Balboa Stadium. She’s got some more force on all of this, Teresa. Good evening, Logan. Yes, Home of the capers, a track and field practice just wrapped up, but I’m here with the track and field Coach Robert Dean. Hello Hello. And your track star. Here’s my