Good Morning Cincinnati @ 5

>>> Fc cincinnati is coming home still looking. Stay with me for their first victory at tql stadium. The match starts at 7:30 tomorrow night. Don’t forget, you can watch the game live over on star 64. >> John: four short films written and directed by local film makers are on the big screen. Last night was the first ever cincinnati black director show case at the he is inquire theater. It was put on by the ceo here at c productions. It’s far from traditional. Between each film, movie ignores were invited to have a dialogue about each movie. >> You don’t always get the platform to share how you feel about your race and how you feel about your family and where you come from. This is great language we had that we can share with community when we, you know, put something out there for people to watch. >> The four films featured include holy zombie. In absence is directed by sigh letsilustibbs. Now, proceeds from the showcase will be used to fund marshall’s feature film about racial profiling, police relations and the fight for equality set to be filmed in november. More information about how and where you can watch those films at [music] >> Bob: not only do the harlem legends have game, they can also sing. The team, made up p former harlem globetrotters played last night in lincoln heights. Prior to the game, they held a basketball camp for a group of local kids. Multiple organizations including the hamilton county sheriff’s department and seven hills church working together to bring this event to the village. That’s great. Those guys know how to entertain. There’s absolutely no getting around it. >> John: who knew about the singing part? >> Bob: I know. It’s great, I love t I hope they had the bucket of confetti. I know that’s a globetrotters things, but they’re legends. That should carry on with them. >> John: they have a legendary bucket. >> Bob: it’s almost 5:20. Already this early this in the morning, we’ve had a tough, tough time on the roads. Let’s check in with jen. >> The 444 traffic report sponsored by blake maislin. >> Jen: we still have two approximate,problems, unfortunately, no update. We’ll start with those and look at other issues. Brent spence bridge southbound remains closed going from ohio into kentucky this morning. Just a reminder for you there that this incident here has not cleared yet. We’re going to head out the door and you’re plannig on using 75 southbound across the brent spence bridge into kentucky, obviously you can’t do that yet. The crash still blocking all lanes southbound. So depending on where you’re going or coming from you could head over to the norwood lateral to 71 to 471, 275, or you could go us50, fort washington way to 471 southbound over to 275 or you could get off in the downtown area, and use the clay bailey bridge. If you’re coming from north of 275, you could take the loop all the way around to the west down to 71/75, but we’ll keep you posted on that the other major issue is columbia parkway, still closed in both directions between delta and taft because of a motorcycle crash. It could be another hour and a half before that reopens. Just a condominium reminder. The ramp is closed for construction, so you can use 42 to turf way to northbound 71/75 which is running about 7 to 10 minutes from 275 up to the brett spence right now northbound. We’ll keep you posted on all those issues. Tera? >> From local 12, the weather authority this is tera blake’s hour by hour forecast. >> Tera: heating up. Those low 80s, low humidity, soon to be a memory. We have highs in the upper 80s today, tomorrow, then look at all the 90s. I’m going with nine 2, sunday, mopped, tuesday, wednesday. Before we start to fall back off into the upper 80s and lower 90s again. But still, low 80s in place. Rain chances are going to stair step up as well. By thursday, we’re up to 50 percent. We need some rain. Several opportunities ahead, and now a chance on saturday too. I don’t see a lot, but it’s still a chance, especially the farther north and west you are. You can see a bit of activity for us here. We’re going to see possibilities even into the afternoon, evening, and overnight late. Monday’s rain chance not overly impressive, but the opportunity is there that we’ll see rainfall on monday. Additional chances for us on tuesday as well, but what happens is a low to the north is I’m going to keep a lot of it around us. As we get into the wednesday-thursday timeframe, we actually start to see rainfall moving in. And so right now wednesday-thursday is our next best chance. Still, though, numbers are more