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other states. For professional development and curriculum, >>we are actively looking to see, how do we bolster our us? History and civics >>walter sat right now. There’s a standard steam and also a textbook committee in place to gather. Information on possible vendors like hillsdale college and prager u. >>i have had conversations with prager used to be able to do that I work. Very closely with the dissenters administration on what they’re doing in education. Also, arkansas answer huckabee sanders team as well. So the 3 of us have had a lot of conversations. Are how do we bolster our history to make sure that kids are getting? That great american history uh you know in their classes. Prager u. Is a new controversial educational vendor for florida schools. That provides videos of materials on us history, the company has received criticism for downplaying the effects of slavery. Are you those here’s so good question. So what we continue to do is about the way up, I’m a fan of. Providing a lot of materials. >>prager u. Provides hundreds of online videos geared toward children on social issues. Us history and religion, another possible vendor walter mentions, is hillsdale college. Who’s also been criticized for the betrayal of slaves and native americans? >>look at all to bring. And then let’s talk to. Um, let’s see if it actually lines up with what we need to be teaching. Her classes >>new state standards for history will be up for consideration next year. >>from the live desk, us military helicopters are doing search and rescue efforts. On the hawaiian island of maui. >>where mass evacuations are underway in the wake of unprecedented wind driven. >>wildfires. >>now what I’ve got pulled up. Here is a google street view from this historic town called lahaina. Absolutely beautiful shopping district right along the water there, which is now just been devastated. By wildfires, so let me show you the map of where these fires actually. >>are so? This is the. >>us forster services got this map here. If we zoom in on the island of maui here, you can see. They’ve had some fires in the middle of the island. That area was just showing you is right in here on the. >>look. >>there we go on the. >>west side of the island. That’s lahaina right there again. A very historic area that is now pretty much burned to cinders right now. The associated press is reporting at. >>least 36 people have died in that. >>area due to these fires >>in maui county, that number could go up across now valley. Officials are reporting. These wildfires have wiped out homes and businesses. There’s hundreds of homes and burned down to the ground. The entire area, front street. The whole historic areas gone burned to the ground at harbor >>and despite firefighters working. >>around the clock on this strong winds and dry conditions across malley are keeping. The fire risk high in a statement president biden expressed condolences to. Those who have lost loved ones and announced that federal assets are assisting. In hawaii’s fire. >>response wise governor also now seeking a presidential emergency declaration to support the rebuilding. And recovery >>of that area. >>from the oklahoma ford storm center, your 1st warning forecast certified as tulsa. Most accurate weather. >>we had storms that rolled through yesterday afternoon and evening. Some of those were strong to severe. Some may be you are wondering. Do we get any storm reports from the house? And the answer is really 9 in green country. We had 1 just on the state line and another in arkansas. So we’ll zoom into this here, I mean. That’s ok, I don’t want damage. Reports for people, especially >>when severe storms roll through, so it was hail. Reports essentially not severe. You see it. It’s just smaller, more penny nickel size hail. The is near silent springs and it came in at 810 last night. We also report right on our state, linus is in baxter. Springs kansas, where the reports of flash floods. We get a of this rain fall on the storms. Just sand over the same location for at least a couple. Of hours. So since we’re talking rainfall, let’s talk about it in the month of august. Last year, the total month wrapped up. We only had a little over 7 tenths of an inch. But so far this month, and again we have not closed that were only white 10 days. And we’ve had almost 2 inches of rain, so we’re well above. Where we were at last year this is great going forward. However, we are drying out today. So if you have any yard work, you have to take care of our. Your simply going to be on about or just sick of the rainfall you get. Today’s said days worth of a break, however. Rain pushes back in early tomorrow morning. We’ll take a break in the afternoon and then see another chance of showers and storms. Late in the evening on friday through early saturday morning will also see that sunday morning as well. Not only read tracking another chance of kind and daily rain. For all, but also the heat and humidity is expected to return. Not today because temperatures will be around 90. But tomorrow through the weekend with temperatures in the mid 90s, and our heat index. Right around 107 degrees won’t be surprised if we see a heat advisory issued. For all 3 days, frontal boundary comes in sunday through monday. That’s going to knock out our temperatures back to 90.