Good Morning San Diego Weekend

Of money. I don’t need a big fine car. I got everything that a man should home. I got more. But I could ask Mama. I don’t have to run around. I don’t have to stay at on night because I got me a sweet, sweet, loving warm up. She knows it’s had a treat me, right? Well, my baby. She’s alright. Well my baby clean out of sight. Don’t you know that she is sometimes? In the wonderful. Some kind of wonderful, Some China Wonderful wedding. Yeah, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Little Tommy says he might start a new career might just go into the singing. It’s just part of the fun on today’s on the air with little Tommy Rusty nails. And solely, of course, can you aside his own ginger Jefferies’s You saw there is featured along with 97.3 the fans, Chris alot and music from the Bird. Brian Ban, The show starts right after Good morning, San Diego at 11 A.m. Yeah, that’s gonna be a good one. Great band. I was just kidding about little, Tommy. By the way. I know Chris. Hello there. He’s got a good interview. Yes. Visitors who take a trip to Romania usually stop at the famous brands Castle or the Dracula Castle, right. That’s um, referred to it. I guess the Transylvania landmark is also offering the Fizer shot for free to visitors this weekend that we all weekends this month. The more than 600 year Old Castle wasn’t home to Dracula just looks like it where the fictional character lived, Historians say even Vlad the Impaler. The vampire is assumed to be modeled after didn’t live in the castle either. Visitors who received their covert vaccines also get free access to the on site exhibit of medieval torture devices. Yeah, All right now, you know it’s coming up here on. Good morning. San Diego can’t wait to talk to you. An old friend of mine. His name’s Chris Springer. He’s a DJ to on the radio, But he’s gonna be on the show because he’s president and founder of something called the House of Music. Great Organization That’s helping out our youth here in San Diego big fundraising event. Coming up. Yeah, we’re gonna talk with Rebecca Friedrichs. She’s on a mission to get schools reopen and get things back to normal. We’ll get her take. She’s been really, really an advocate for this, and she’s out there. Working hard, Emily hacks all Hamilton will be back on the show. Wrapping up the latest headlines in sports will be right back.Is good morning. San Diego.