to support kemp to make sure he stays in the governor’s mansion. >> You’re going to hear me going to work from brian kemp to make damn sure that stacey. [indiscernible] will never become the governor of georgia. >> Reporter: while we’ve also heard from governor kemp shortly after the results came in tonight. He’s already starting to pivot his rice to what is going to be — his race to what is going to be coming in november against stacey abrams. This is a race a lot of people will be paying attention to. A lot of money will likely be spent. We heard from the governor today. He’s ready to make it clear this race is going to be all he’s going to put his efforts into. >> I want to be crystal clear with all of you here tonight. Our battle is far from over. Tonight, tonight, the fight for the soul of our fate is to make sure that stacey abrams is not our next governor or our next president. >> Reporter: another reh racerace we’refollowing is hershel walker easily defeated another republicans running in the primary. That’s another race both parties are expected to pour a lot of time, money and tears into as they get ready to see if georgia will stay blue as it was in 2020 or shift back red. It’s a clear big night for governor kemp as he was able to overcome this primary challenge. Shannon? >> Shannon: mark meredith on the political beat for us tonight. Thank you, mark. Back to our top story, the horrific mass shooting in an elementary school in uvalde, texas. At last check, 19 children and two adults killed in a terrible tragedy that could certainly shake your faith, if you have faith. Let’s discuss how you deal with such unspeakable violence with senior pastor greg laurie from the harvest christian fellowship in southern california. I thought of you today because of your calming, wise advice but also because you have walked this path of losing a child. What do we do with this pain tonight? >> What we have to do in a time like this is call on god. The first question that comes to our mind is why did god let this happen? I think we should pivot instead to the what as in what should I do? And more specifically who should I turn to? The answer is god himself. The bible says he’s the god of all comfort, and, yes, our son, christopher, died 14 years ago in an automobile accident. When I heard that news, it was like time stood still and all the air was sucked out of the room, and I thought like I could literally die. But it was in that hour of despair I called on to god, and he was there for me. And I would say this if there’s any of the parents or families of these little children who died in this horrible massacre, I would say to you these children are safely in the arms of jesus in heaven. And if you put your faith in jesus, you will see them again. I know that doesn’t take away the pain and the heartache, but it’s just something that’s really important to remember that they’re with the lord. And this is the hope a christian has, because life doesn’t end at death. Life continues on and for us who believe in jesus, the after life is the presence of the lord and reunion with loved ones who have preceded us who died in faith. >> Shannon: I was reading today about the funerals still ongoing in buffalo and one of the funerals yesterday and those people, dotoo, um, many of them, great people of faith, people who volunteered at churches and at food banks and cared for other people, they were vulnerable, just like these kids today, defenseless. And it’s just hard for us to wrap our heads around how these communities begin to even think about healing and having some sense of normalcy in a place where you just have been devastated by the worst possible scenario. >> You just have to cry, shannon. That’s the most important thing. The depth of your sorrow is an indication of the depth of your love. I think sometimes people bottle grief up or try to ignore it, but you need let it out, and specifically cry out to god. The — it was scrolled, yeah though I walk through the shadow of the death, I will fear it — christianity is not a crutch. It’s a whole hospital. And it’s for us who need god. The bottom line is all of us need god. I pray that all of us in america will be praying for those families who have lost their precious loved ones that could never be replaced. And that we pray for our nation that we have a spiritual awakening, that we turn back to god again. It’s not a time to take