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Join us at our next open house event. March 24th, and experience All that ccs has to offer. Call or register today at sa-ccs.org We can’t wait to meet you. Music from hagee ministries’ television studios, today on “the difference,” we welcome international speaker, pastor and author, samuel rodriguez. He is the president of the national hispanic christian leadership conference. Named among the top 100 christians leaders in america, his ministry calling has helped presidents advance spiritually-led social reform. Today, samuel rodriguez shares from his book “from survive to thrive.” samuel rodriguez: every single human being, you’re either failing, you’re surviving, or you’re thriving. If I were to use a biblical narrative as a metaphor, everyone’s in either egypt, the desert, or the promised land. And the vast majority of people die in the desert. Music music pastor matt hagee: fear, if you allow it, will destroy every one of your dreams. But god gives you the power to crush that fear if you have the faith of a mustard seed. Nothing is impossible for you! Your faith has the power to overcome any obstacle and overcome the spirit of defeat. For your support, hagee ministries would like to send you a signed copy of pastor’s hagee’s brand new book, “the end of the age.” for your gift of $200 or more, you will also receive a faith over fear bracelet, a daily journal and hagee ministries pen, a one-year pray for america bible, a faith over fear mug, and an end of the age study guide. Pastor matt hagee: now is your moment to take your life back. Your faith in christ is the victory that overcomes the world. Send your gift today. Call the number on your screen or go to jhm.org/faith. Music matt hagee: hello, and welcome to “the difference.” today, kendal and I are speaking with our dear friend, pastor samuel rodriguez. And we’re going to be discussing his latest book “from survive to thrive.” pastor samuel, it’s so good to have you with us today. Samuel rodriguez: thank you for having me. It’s been a while. Thank you. Matt hagee: it’s an honor and so good to see you, you know, encouraging people and continue to do the great work that you’ve been doing prior to all of the insanity that the world has gone through, through a global pandemic, through political transition, through all of the dynamic shifts. The consistency of your work is an inspiration, and I want to thank you and applaud you for that. Samuel rodriguez: well, I love you both, and I love this family. And I’m honored to be here. And I am officially ascribing to the pacies and the coo-coo for cocoa puffsies. That’s what we’re calling it. Kendal hagee: coo-coo? Samuel rodriguez: that’s the official theological interpretation of the previous season, the one we’re coming out of. Matt hagee: and indeed there certainly seems to be a lot of things that have a lot less reason than cocoa puffs; you know? Samuel rodriguez: true. Matt hagee: but one of the things that has really been a good thing out of this circumstance is that we’ve seen god’s hand move. We’ve seen his faithfulness. We recognize the reality of his promises. And you took a lot of that and put it into the work that you’ve just recently released, “from survive to thrive.” a lot of books come from messages. A lot of books come from ideas, sessions with your team and creative groups. But this book came from experience. Tell us about it. Samuel rodriguez: this came from a real-life experience. It’s in the midst of covid. And I’m in california now. Got to put that in perspective. Kendal hagee: yeah, I was going to say. Samuel rodriguez: and it is what it is. It’s a different animal. Matt hagee: that’s cocoa puffs 2.0. samuel rodriguez: that’s cocoa puffs on steroids. Matt hagee: yeah. Samuel rodriguez: and it’s july, the first week of 2020, the height of the covid pandemic in california. And our family, we did our — you know we kept our church open, because we do believe church is essential. Matt hagee: absolutely. Kendal hagee: amen. Samuel rodriguez: and I have due deference to all of our friends who did not, but I’m not judging. But in california, yeah, church is essential. Kendal hagee: it is. Matt hagee: absolutely. Samuel rodriguez: and where people are broken in our communities, they call pastor and they need church. And they need the presence of god. Matt hagee: they need to know that you’re there. Samuel rodriguez: absolutely. Presence is everything; right. So we could have locked down, and we stayed open. And we did our thorough due diligence. You name it, every precaution. Every single cdc, you know, aaa, pcp. Kendal hagee: there were so many of them. Samuel rodriguez: how many acronyms? There’s just a lot of covid acronyms that emerge; right? Matt hagee: wash the skin off your hands. Samuel rodriguez: right. I mean I lost — kendal hagee: sanitize. Sanitize. Samuel rodriguez: lost control, just control. So we were there, first week of july. True story: we contact traced. Our entire family got hit with covid. It wasn’t from the church, true story. It came from texas, east texas. I’m telling you. Kendal hagee: texas? Man! Samuel rodriguez: oh, bless be god. From houston. Matt hagee: yeah well, that explains it. Samuel rodriguez: that explains everything. I’m kidding. Everyone from houston, we love you.