Independent Journal Review | Top Trump Faith Adviser Says Trump Has Big Things in Store for 2018

For conservative Christians, President Donald Trump has already come through a handful of times. In 2018, it will be more of the same, one insider said.

Paula White, pastor of New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida, and one of Trump’s closest faith advisers, told CBN News the president and his faith advisory council are gearing up for six new initiatives:

“We’ll have about six initiatives — exciting, exciting things that, if we thought we did some things last year, boy, wait until this year. We’ll be touching on everything from humanitarian, working, of course, with criminal justice reform, religious liberties, so many different aspects, mental health care, substance abuse.”

Some of those efforts, White said, will be unveiled in the “early part of the year.”

The advisory council’s work will not just center on policy but will also focus on expanding the administration’s work with faith-based organizations and churches, White said:

“There are many things that are planned through the White House and the president to see these initiatives not just launch but successfully working with churches, organizations, synagogues, all people of faith. So, I’m excited to be a part of it and kind of to be at the helm working with some of the principles in the White House.”

White’s remarks come not long after Trump announced his decision to officially relocate the U.S.’s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem — a move that immediately garnered the applause of evangelical faith leaders:

In an earlier move that earned Christian praise, Trump signed an executive order just days after his inauguration reinstating the so-called “Mexico City Policy,” which barred recipients of U.S. foreign aid from promoting abortion as a means of family planning.

The White House has also been working with Christians and other religious minorities who have been persecuted in the Middle East at the hands of ISIS.

Johnnie Moore, one of the president’s faith advisers, told IJR in October the Trump administration “is already doing more by multiples than not only the immediate previous administration but the one that preceded it.”

Moore went on to note he’s “never been in a circumstance where I didn’t feel like I had a real listening ear” in the White House.

Furthermore, in early December, Vice President Mike Pence, who several weeks prior said the White House will prioritize working overseas with Christian NGOs over the United Nations to aid persecuted believers, revealed that the “sweetest words” he and Trump hear from voters in the public is, “We’re praying for you.”

Both he and the president, Pence noted, “understand the role of faith in the life of this nation,” adding that Trump “embraces and respects and appreciates” the significance of faith and religion in American culture.

“Well I think President Trump has a heart of gratitude for evangelical Christians in this country,” the vice president said. “I think he’s always very humbled and grateful by the support of believers.”

Watch White’s interview on CBN News below.

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