Jerry Newcombe | Vocal Point-Ray Bentley

Topic: Jerusalem, Prophecies

Ray Bentley is a Christian pastor and author, whose latest book, The Threshing Floor, deals with spiritual warfare (in a sense) and modern day Jews in Jerusalem. His website says this about him: “Pastor Ray Bentley founded Maranatha Chapel [in the San Diego area] in August 1984 teaching a mid-week bible study in a recreation center with 30 people. Now, Maranatha serves 7,000 people weekly, and Ray Bentley is considered a prophecy expert, published author, and hosts his own daily radio show.” The book is a novel, but it contains a factual backdrop. The title comes from the original threshing floor in Jerusalem that King David bought 3000 years ago. That ultimately became the location for Solomon’s temple. Ray Bentley joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss things brought up in the book…such as Donald Trump, Jerusalem, George Soros, Brett Kavanaugh, liberal churches pushing for disinvestment against Israel, and so on.

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