Jewish Breaking News | For Israel Aliyah Week, 227 New Immigrants Arrive in Israel and Celebrate the Occasion in New Home

Two hundred and twenty seven new immigrants (olim) from Belarus, France, Russia and Ukraine came to Israel on multiple flights during Israel Aliyah Week with the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), with 174 of the new olim who arrived on the Tuesday (24.10) as Yom HaAliyah Day was celebrated at the Knesset.

These hundreds of new Israeli citizens are the most recent among the more than 10,000 who IFCJ has brought to Israel since it began leading its own aliyah activities in 26 countries in late 2014. Over the past 25 years, IFCJ, initially working in tandem with other agencies and helping launch the aliyah organization Nefesh B’Nefesh, has brought more than 730,000 new immigrants to Israel, since the first days of the Soviet Jewry movement.

IFCJ provides a suite of aliyah services from pre-trip seminars to free flights to post-arrival financial aid for Jews facing economic hardship, rising anti-Semitism and security threats around the world who wish to move to Israel.

“We are proud to greet so many new immigrants, specifically this week when Israel celebrates Yom HaAliyah (Immigration Day),” said IFCJ’s Founder and President, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. “There is no better way to mark this day and this week than by wishing a hearty ‘bruchim habaim’ — welcome — to the new immigrants who arrive here.”

The latest immigrants will be taking up residence in cities and towns around the country including Ashkelon, Bat Yam, Haifa, Netanya and others. IFCJ provides each adult immigrant with an $800 voucher and each child with a $400 voucher, in addition to making in-home visits to assess and meet further needs for six months. including appliances, furnishings, school and more. IFCJ also gives seminars such as “Preparing for Life in Israel,” which includes practical information on acclimating to Israeli life.

These generous, customized benefits packages supplement what every immigrant receives from Israel’s Ministry of Absorption.

“Immigrants make up the past, present and future of the Jewish state,” Eckstein said. “They are our VIPs, who contribute substantially to Israel’s economy, education, science, culture, and sports.”

Yom HaAliyah and Aliyah Week only spur IFCJ to continue providing Jews worldwide with a lifeline to their Jewish homeland, Eckstein added. “We will not rest until every Jew who wishes to immigrate to Israel is here!”

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