K-LOVE | Closer Look: Promise Keepers Comeback, Calling Men To A Major Event

Promise Keepers was launched in 1990 by Bill McCartney, then the head football coach at the University of Colorado/Boulder. For a number of years, the group held successful national and regional events to encourage men to honor Christ and become godly leaders in their families and community.

But over time, the operations of Promise Keepers dwindled. Today the organization is led by Ken Harrison, who is in the process of revitalizing the once large and very popular ministry.

Women have always played a critical role alongside Promise Keepers. Harrison noting, “40% of the tickets (to events) sold in the 90s were to women, to send their husbands, boyfriends and sons,” wanting them to grow in Christ and their leadership or role in the family and society.

The ministry is now revving-up for the 2020 “The PK Experience,” to be held at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas (home of the Dallas Cowboys).

Harrison says he’s getting hundreds of emails, especially from women, “who are saying ‘we’re so grateful that you’re bringing this back. I so want to see my husband fall in love with Jesus.’” Other emails express concerns such as someone worrying about their children or sincere hopes their daughter will marry a man who loves God. And all that falls directly into Promise Keepers’ biblical wheelhouse.

Harrison, a former Los Angeles police officer, now a busy businessman, admits his initial negative reaction to taking the helm at Promise Keepers was actually “kicking and screaming.” But he jokes, “I had said after the Lord made it clear I was supposed to do this, that I felt like if I didn’t bring Promise Keepers back, I was going to get swallowed by a big fish!” (think, Jonah)

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