K-LOVE | Pastor Disguises Self As Homeless Man And Sits Outside Church

CHICAGOLAND, Illinois (K-LOVE News) – Dr. James MacDonald was curious. How would people in his church respond to a scruffy-looking homeless man sitting conspicuously in front of the church building? So, he did his best to look homeless and sat squarely in front of a couple of Harvest Bible Chapel’s campuses.

His video recorded people who seemed to want to check on the man, but then decided not to. Some just walked by acting as if they didn’t notice. Others looked at the unusual sight and then went on with their day. But a number of people took some action and tried to help him.

The end of the video shows Pastor MacDonald walking into church with his shopping cart, taking the pulpit and slowly peeling off the homeless disguise. He then shares with the church his evaluation of how he was treated.

MacDonald is senior pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicagoland, which has nine campuses. He also hosts a media ministry on TV and radio called “Walk in the Word.”

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