KALB: LC student joins global effort on Greek NT manuscripts

PINEVILLE, La. (LCNews) – Biblical Studies major Jeffrey Breaux represented Louisiana College this spring in a worldwide effort to examine and transcribe select New Testament manuscripts of 1 Timothy.

Breaux — who recently won academic awards for his achievements in both Hebrew and Greek — said, “This is a rare opportunity for me as an undergraduate student because work like this is typically done at the graduate level.”

More than 60 universities and colleges worldwide participated in the collaborative effort among students and their scholastic mentors.

“The opportunity to work with scholars and students all over the world on this project is both a blessing and a privilege,” said Dr. Justin Langford, assistant professor of Christian Studies. “Students can deepen their knowledge of textual criticism by sitting under the instruction of top scholars in the field.”

Breaux, from Morgan City, Louisiana, was assigned several Greek manuscripts from 1 Timothy for transcription, and was mentored by Langford.

“Believe it or not, there are still some Greek manuscripts of the New Testament that have not been thoroughly examined or included in electronic databases,” Langford said.

The 1 Timothy project is sponsored by the Green Scholars Initiative (GSI), which is part of the Museum of the Bible, a 430,000 square-foot facility due to open in 2017 in Washington, D.C.

The president of Hobby Lobby, Steve Green, established the museum that will house one of the largest private collections of rare biblical artifacts known as the Green Collection.

The museum’s website states that the Museum of the Bible “supports scholarship and academic research through the Scholars Initiative, which brings together established and young scholars to pioneer groundbreaking research” on items in the museum’s collection.

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