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create now is here to help all children heal and thrive. Create now is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission of empowering youth and young adult for a variety of arts programs. The goal is to assist them to get out of poverty and learn skills that can lead to careers. The programs and literary arts and music fashion performance and visual arts, create now helps children build confidence and self-esteem all the while helping them heal from past challenges. Amy johnson, “kcal 9 news.” ross: for more information or to get involved with create now go to our web site kcal 9.com. Kristine: we have been more news coming up in our next next half-hour in “kcal 9 news” at 8 including what could be a game-changer in the fight against coronavirus. Reporter: homeless encampment in the santa ana river bottoms have been banned in one city. I will tell you where, next. Ross: families lined up overnight to get three back packs and other school supplies from the dream center. What the students had to say, next. Yeah! Yeah? When you say… Yeah? Yeah To saving 20 to 60 percentoff department store prices every day…you’re saying Yeah! To savings that make your dollar stretch…at Ross. Yes for less Yeah! Yeah? Yeah! Yeah! When you say… Yeah! to saving 20 to 60 percent off department store pricesevery day… …you’re saying… Yeah! …to savings that make your dollarstretch… at Ross. Yes for less. >> Live from the broadcast center in los angeles at this is nine news at 8:00 P.M. >> Another south bend city is saying no to homeless encampments. Cracks kcal9 michelle tells us riverside is now following la’s lead in banning them from the santa ana river bed. >> You can see here where the ground is all scorched requests riverside at donna morris has had three fires that burn dangerously close to his home in historic district adjacent to the santa ana river bed just in the last six weeks. The city council has now banned camping in areas like this, that are prone to fires and floods. >> It has been an ongoing battle, as a set of ledger 35 years. For probably the last 12 years we have had three or four serious amounts were being evacuated and whatever. This is serious. >> There are dozens of homeless encampments dotting the river bottom. Officials say fires from cooking and camping are frequent. This one was on the border. In the last five years riverside fire reports 163 brushfires in