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chris: tinder will soon let users hundred a background check on a potential date. They’ve partnered with a company called gr, a bo. It will allow users to view public information like arrests or history of violence. It will not include drug charges or traffic violations. All users need is a first name and phone number or a full name. It’s unclear when the feature will roll out and how much it will costs. Actor elliot paging has made histories a the first transgender man to appear on the cover of times magazine. He identified as nonbinary in december. He sat down with the magazine for his first interview after the announcement. He says the pandemic gave him time to become fully who he is. Britain’s prince philip is back home after a month long stay in the hospital. History leaf comes amid new royal family drama. Reporter: british police escorted the queen’s husband prince philip as he left a london hospital after four weeks. The the 9-year-old headed ohm to windsor castle after fighting an infection and undergoing a heart procedure. The palace says he’s in good conspiracies. >> A bit of good news for the queen. It’s been a rough few weeks. Reporter: he returns to a royal family in turmoil after oprah’s explosive interview on cbs with prince harry and meghan exposing claims of racism. >> There is a long way to go in terms of healing relationships in the family after the bombshell interview. Reporter: harry and his brother, prince william have been in contact for the first time since the interview aired. Harry reportedly hopes to reconcile ahead of the unveiling of the memorial to their mother later this summer. >> He has talked to his brother and his fast too. Reporter: gayle king says she talked to harry and meghan over the weekend. >> The word I was given was that those conversations were not productive, but they are glad that they have at least started a conversation. Reporter: the insights come as buckingham palace has hired an external law firm to investigate claims meghan bullied royal staff while she was a senior royal, charges the duchess denies. Chris: a milestone day at the dream center in echo the nonprofit is not only celebrating 5 million meals during the pandemic it’s also opening new rooms to house homeless family. The center held a ribbon cutting today to celebrate new rooms that are ready to help families who need a safe place to stay. They are designed to house five to six people per room. The dream center says there are enough rooms for 4. >> Families. The center has held food giveaways throughout the pandemic as well as school meals and free tab less for students. Now it’s kicking off a new initiative. >> This has been a tough year, but our new campaign theme for going forward from today on is restore L.A. we feel like we’ve met the need but now we are supporting the come back. Chris: the center is providing the free housing to each family for a year. Now it’s working on ways to revive the community. All right, amber less talk a little bit about the weather. We’ve had rain, no, wind, what else do we have in the forecast. Amber: they say there is no weather here in southern california. We do get a little taste of stuff but we don’t want what we see for the rest of the country. We desperately need for rain here in southern california. That’s because we’ve been so dry since the rainy season started. All the rain we’ve had within the last week helps but we need more. A beautiful shot of our downtown L.A. skyline from the hollywood hills. Things are a lot quieter. The high pressure system is building into the area. Get ready for much more mild conditions. There is the system that brought the reino, eyes pushed off to the eastit’s pushed off to the east and arizona. There is a lot of snow up in the mountains right now. Mountain high and bear mountain area. Mt. Baldy 4 inches. Wrightwood saw three additional new inches of snow. Snow levels were going pretty low. Yucaipa saw a trace of snow and it sits at 2800 feet in elevation. Rain wise we saw anywhere there a tenth of an inch to more than half an inch in some sports. A lease so canyon saw over a half an inch of rain. Over a quarter of an inch for downtown and lax. Coat today day cast satisfactory under a quarter inch.