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touched on this, but I’m just wondering. I remember talking to a firefighter once, and he said that one of the things that you never do as you never admit. That you were afraid or that you’re having trouble because of what? You’ve seen that if you talk about it, If you say that you need to talk about it, you’re kind of. For lack of a better word, a sissy and that you don’t want to do that. Is that one of the problems that firefighters are facing, doctors say That’s the number one problem in several firefighters say that is still ingrained in the culture, and it’s going to take many years for that to change, but it can start with these wellness programs and getting it out there that talking about your feelings can relieve some of that pressure and stress and ultimately have better health outcomes. Alright. Brooks Jarocz live for us tonight, Brooks. Thank you. Mission Colleges. First Firefighter academy is underway in Santa Clara is a state fire marshal accredited program where 30 students are learning fire protection technology. They’re working with the colleges New Fire vent trailer, which helps them learn to fight fires and properly event burning buildings. There’s also a three story fire tower to learn on as well. We students who are encouraging other women to join. You’re going to have to work hard, but a lot of people are really encouraging. And speaking with women who are already in the fire service, they have been great mentors to me and really helped me out, so it’s totally doable, although a challenge. The fire tech program will go on for 16 weeks of the White House rolls out today a new national plan to fight the coronavirus. The new mandates that President Biden believes will slow the spread. Let me see your hands up up tense moments of a drug bust caught on camera coming up. The bust keeps enough fentanyleds of thousands of Away from the California recall election. Governor Newsom and several of his challengers are hoping to energize voters. Former San Diego mayor Republican Kevin Faulkner, campaigning today in Los Angeles. California’s from all backgrounds and from all walks of life. I’ve got to know that they have a governor that has their back a governor who is going to be a champion for safe neighborhoods very simply and very directly. I am going to put virst. And criminals in jail. The Republican frontrunner, Larry Elder, is set to participate tonight in a town hall, which is going to be hosted by the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference. Former President Barack Obama is now publicly supporting governor Newsom ahead of next week’s