KFSM: Cross Church Pastor On Joining Trump Board: “It Is Incumbent On Me To Do This”

ROGERS (KFSM) — Just days after completing his term as President of the Southern Baptist Convention, Cross Church Senior Pastor Ronnie Floyd met with presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump in New York.

Floyd, and other religious leaders from across the nation, met with Trump to discuss the importance of protecting religious freedoms in the United States, and across the world.

“Religious liberty is what this country was built upon,” Floyd said after the meeting. “The stakes have never been higher in our nation.”

Floyd said evangelical Christians have the same concerns as most other Americans.

“Concerns such as Supreme Court appointments, the sanctity of human life from the womb to the tomb, religious liberty here in America and around the world, Israel and the middle east,” Floyd said.

Floyd agreed to serve on Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board, something he stressed was not an endorsement for the republican.

“It is an avenue to voice what matters to evangelicals,” Floyd said. “I prayed to this decision. It was not an easy decision at all. When you look at all of that, all of those matters concern us as evangelicals. It is incumbent on me to do this.”

Floyd said he was willing to serve in the same role for any campaign, with one mission.

“As much as we are all encouraging one another to be involved in the political process, which is afforded to us by living in this nation, we know the ultimate hope is spiritual awakening in the land,” Floyd said.

Floyd claimed his service to Trump would help stress the importance of protecting religious liberties, and the foundation the United States was built on.

“That is what we are praying for, and I assured Mr. Trump we were praying for him,” Floyd said.

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