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pandemic of donating shoes from kenley jansen the grab the shoes, they donate to a homeless man just showed up. You know we had side’s 21 shoe they need a syringe and can kenley had really they always find an even feel it now is find her to heal and that’s what makes it so spectacular that again they find a need and philip defined hurt in the heel. It is entre that that you live by why did you find what did you find this place, la dream center you know it started by just taking a walk a 6 hour walk around the community has also you know realize that. >> This place is something that will be there 24 hours a day you know it places are open 3 4 o’clock in the morning that not that that didn’t to say do right, we can give a building that’s open 24 hours a day to whosoever is in need and so. >> That’s what happens but offense addiction or somebody you he’s a place to go said prison system we’re just here to help people and this is just born out walking the streets la realizing that something something they needed to happen you’re from here and how did you get in touch with dodgers to say hey we need you guys it would be beneficial to our community. >> It started out while back with just bought a bunch of the dodger whites here and they were serving and they just got so pumped up and then we and we knew we had the players because these guys they were told it all has been involved right they were so thrilled. They’re coming out here and just like serving the most awesome ways and believe zachary start coming up back then so all the way back to like a couple came pray. Kershaw remember we’ve got a 100 is big and now we’re doing thousands but that that’s where great that’s what great influence can do great people can do who use believe a platform to do unbelievable and you’re right here on this unbelievable channel so come on out today information on the screen now it goes until 01:00pm >> The students in need in your life bring them out and first come first serve, but this school supplies so on that note pedro and lionel send it back to you, thanks again shouting with a last minute. What it’s about totally great cars, great guests megan great get talking a clayton kershaw see those dodgers doing good things in the community. So if you have the platform uses speaking of platforms, let’s talk about one meta is focused on finding ways to retain thread users after the app lost more than half of the homes wanting. >> All right threads june nearly a 100 million users in the first 3 days of its launch. According to reuters ceo mark zuckerberg told employees during a meeting that he considers a drop-off normal. >> The company is now looking to add more retention driving hopes to users back and keep them parent company meta is working on adding new features to the app including a search function and the desktop version to entice users back wow that would be big the desktop version can be. >> Could be a big thing in my opinion. >> But we’ll could be an opportunity with twitter now going by next which I just feel like adds confusion right now like what I even on anymore it’s it can be confusing right, okay, let’s talk about barbie why not if you live in if you’re a barbie girl living in a not so barbie world a new theme park can change that patel venture park opening next year in glendale arizona will feature the iconic barbie beach house the exhibit will also operate dream closet experience and a rooftop for visitors to hang out and sip on a signature pink drink, the park will also feature a thomas the tank engine ride and a roller coaster resembling hot wheels I like that and you know I’ve I think a lot of it’s going to be in time you know I know, I’m very alright subway wants to give its biggest fan free sandwiches for life but there’s a catch. >> That big families be willing to legally change their first game to subway. Ok if that sounds like a deal you cannot resist will enter the contest at subway name change dot com between august first and august 4th the winner receive $750 to cover the along with $50,000 in subway gift cards. And the winner is going to be chosen at random. On august okay, so running a lot of people got know you were thinking the same is going to be a lot of people with the name subway thinking like what if you change your name and you don’t win the contest. >> I heat your name actor get chosen and then you do it because will have subway subway, you know in the classroom, hey away. It calm, would would you want to be some our way for sure but come sub, I mean not be way actually none of the above. >> Right outside we go we’re already seeing blue skies for a lot of areas mostly sunny skies it has a nice ring to it doesn’t it will months away montoya actually I think we’ve got to go the whole thing subway montoya they do have gluten free stuff and tune in there so I do you well, but is it real tuna. >> We know there’s a whole controversy lauren are some questions I don’t want to know the answer not talking about I don’t alright huntington beach camera gorgeous outside