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likely happen in the next few months. That’s the latest here in washington we’ll send it back to you guys in l a. >> Thanks a statewide flex alert has been extended through tonight as some areas deal with really hot temperatures again today. Officials from cal iso asking people to conserve electricity from 4 o’clock this afternoon until 9 o’clock tonight to ease stress on the power grid and help prevent fires and they’re reminding us to help save power all we have to do is center thermostats to 78 degrees or higher avoid using those major appliances things like washing machines and of course turn off the lights if don’t need them. >> We do need the ac though today, yeah we do or the cause of all that let’s check in with I yeah and also your reminder to do you’re exercising a little earlier in the morning or you can wait until the evening hours. Once you head towards 6, 6.30 you got some cooler conditions out there know it’s a lot safer as well over here in the huntington beach area surfers out there and a high tide having a good time. We’re going to talk a lot about the surf beginning to rise as we make our way in towards sunday, the beginning of next week as well more on that coming up in the extended forecast, but once again it is all about the heat which continues as we make our way into this year thursday afternoon. So we’re looking at this heat advisory out there and it’s going to continue as we make our way in towards tomorrow as well as so we’ve got 2 more days as we take a look at temperatures anywhere between about 96 102 degrees for many of the valley communities from santa barbara through ventura, los angeles county the inland empire and the eastern sections of orange county as well. Temperatures getting hot today. These are your forecast to daytime highs on this thursday afternoon us will see van nuys going to about 97 degrees out to the inland empire, triple digits through chino we’ll go up to el monte today should go to about 9498 in ontario, santa clarita valley today it will be hot this afternoon by about 3, 3, 30 going to a 102 degrees. Take a look at big bear not only will we take a look at some upper 70’s and a warm afternoon today. But we’ve got a shot at some thunderstorms coming to southern california. So we’re going to keep our eyes on the 5 live max doppler is those thunderstorms start to make their presence felt as we head into the latter portions of this afternoon a lot going on in the weather department will be back with that extended forecast and a whole lot more in just a few minutes from now back to you all right, thanks one of the candidates in the recall election kevin faulkner held a rally in downtown la this morning. >> He talked about his plans to fight crime and reduce the homeless problem. He also said he will focus more on crime victims and their families. That said before we have to put our victims first in california and change the dynamic of what’s going on in our great state. I’m also going to insure. We take strong firm and compassionate action like I did as mayor of san diego by limiting our tent encampments on the sidewalks. Wagner spoke about his crime plan outside the courthouse in downtown l a. The republican candidate has 4% of the vote according to a new poll, he is a point ahead of businessman john cox. But both are well behind larry elder, and larry elder will be in downey tonight, he’ll be fielding questions by several host of the event which includes representatives of the national hispanic christian leadership conference. >> A santa barbara man accused of taking his 2 young children to mexico and killing them expected to appear in court today grand jury in san diego indicted 40 year-old matthew taylor coleman on murder charges yesterday. Prosecutors say coleman used a spear phishing gun to his dad his 2 year-old son 10 month-old daughter in the chest. Nero’s to that was last month the surf school owner allegedly told investigators the murders were motivated by his belief in qanon according to reports coming believe the children had serpent dna and the killing them would save the world. Coleman was arrested when he tried to come back into the U.S. after his wife reported the children missing. >> It’s frightening encounter at a cafe on melrose avenue in the fairfax district when 3 customers were suddenly robbed at gunpoint this is unbelievable it was all caught on video. Ktla is mark mester spoke with the owner of the cafe and he is live for us now mark. >> Yes and drink. Lang good late morning to you from here in the fairfax district of what’s so unfortunate about this I was speaking with our executive producer that earlier about my simon, the fact that I’m on an armed robbery on melrose and we started talking about the tally. How many incidents like this have happened over the past few months we simply lost track of the latest one happened on tuesday in broad daylight approached 5 o’clock on night. You had 3 patron sitting just behind me and then you had 2 suspects, they’re wearing hoodies they came westbound on melrose they apparently ignored the sign right here alerting them that they’re on camera in fact this entire time was captured on that camera. Right up there.