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county near graves town where people began to see the plane flying low overhead. But I made it home. I actually saw the plane circling above my house to write borrow. >> And then one by far and that is where everybody be it then out through over here in this field, I guess he thought was a ghost town. >> Her a big >> And I know he landed. But. >> They’ve been over this area at least 2 or 3 times a alone up you can see the wind is. >> The pilot was identified as corey patterson of shannon mississippi. He was taken into custody by the tip of county sheriff’s department this right here could have been a situation where they could have approached guy and you know he could win. >> Very bay for very day. They were very brave and I think they have that situation very good. >> Shortly after the plane landed people from the small community were driving by and stopping to talk about what happened and take pictures. They were also breathing a sigh of relief. But it ended peacefully. >> There’s some video that where he’s held in his hands up and that put him in handcuffs and put him in a cop car. >> Of course we all know the damage that a plane can do we you know we are we missed that with 9.11. You know so we just blessed to be here. >> And again that was great group is reporting in mississippi’s capital 180,000 people are going into week 2 without clean water severe flooding. Caused catastrophic failure in the city of jackson’s water treatment system jackson officials say the city made significant gains over the past 2 days. They say most customers should have water pressure but it’s unclear when their water will be drinkable the state’s governor says repairs have been very slow. >> Replacing our largest cities infrastructure of running water with human distribution is a massively complicated logistical task. We need to provide it for up to a 180,000 people. For an unknown period of time. >> The water crisis led president biden’s declared a state of emergency in the state of mississippi. >> Here’s something you don’t see every day in arizona, a massive wall of dust move southeast of phoenix. It’s called a haboob on friday, the dust cloud was roughly 50 miles wide and up to 6,000 feet tall look at this. Forecasters say is one of the most spectacular was of dust. So far this monsoon season. Peak wind gusts reach up to 65 miles per hour and there were numerous reports of 0 visibility in the storm. The in strong winds they also left many without electricity, but power has since been restored, but look at that like a movie it does it I’d be scared to talk to that. >> Now to this dodgers hosting the padres and the ball was flying at the ravine for the dodgers at least 2 batters into the game trey turner takes on the niaid deep to left the moon shot into the bleachers turner’s 19th makes it 2 to 0. Now 3, 0, in the 4th and to offer mookie betts in this does left center takes it into the seats mookie’s career-high 33rd home run of the season, the dodgers they went before times to beat those the padres 12 to one someone has got some nice hair though >> This guy’s got some nice like that like it all right happening this morning at dodger stadium, the justin turner foundation is getting set and ready to go for their second annual fun run even the scorching he can’t keep people away from the turner trot. >> Ktla samantha cortese joins us live from dodger stadium with the details. Sam, I know you’re a big runner, I know you’re out there every single day. Running now that’s why we have to send you. Yeah. >> That’s right and if I didn’t have to go to another live shot shocks I would be running in the 5 k this morning, you guys such a beautiful morning here at chavez ravine it’s about 80 degrees. So it’s the coolest part of the day right before the sun comes up and that’s not scaring away the hundreds of people who are coming out to support the justin turner foundation in this 5 k it’s the first year that they’re going to be in person last year this was a virtual run and real quick before we talk to some eager runners and walkers look at the map just in case you’re driving anywhere around from about 7 30 or at least from now the gun will go off at 7.30 until about 1030 the streets are looking at here will be closed off and I know courtney turner said this is just such a dream to shut down sunset boulevard 2 run by echo park lake to end up at the dream center which is so important to the justin turner foundation, the foundation supports homeless veterans and children going through illness is and of course youth baseball programs and speaking of us were going to come out to the downs family from santa this morning. Hi everybody are live with ktla and I’m going to talk to isaiah who is so excited to run and paid right now you’re sam you’re a runner ha isaiah how many 5 kids have you done probably liked I knew something did you just say 25 k. How old are you. And 6